How to Achieve your Business Goals with Web Design in 2022

Posted 30.12.2021

By Steven Titchener

As a marketer looking at your businesses website, you often think about how you can make that website better hit your targets. While this isn’t a bad thing because hitting marketing targets should increase the bottom line for a business, they might not always be the best goal for the overall health of the business.

This is where looking at business goals in relation to your website and marketing can bring teams together and build a stronger business overall.

Why it’s important to match business and website goals

When the business you’re working for might have a goal like increasing profitability, that might seem far removed from the marketing team’s role. After all, how could you have an impact on that? Surely that would be for the management team and product development teams to work on.

And while that is a correct assumption, it doesn’t mean that the whole business can’t work towards that goal and make small changes to make an impact on that goal.

By working together as a team on large business goals like this, it’s going to create a more stable and growing company… which could mean a larger marketing budget for you. Hooray!

One area that can have the biggest impact on these business goals is your website, it’s your 24/7 sales, customer service and marketer all rolled into one. It’s the main touchpoint for the business and so changes here can have a bigger impact down the line for other teams.

So matching your business goals to your website’s goals can have a mutually beneficial outcome.

How to match business and website goals

Okay it’s all well and good saying that you need to match these two elements together, but how does that work in the real world? How can I make changes to my website to increase profitability?

Well let’s go through some examples to help give you a steer.

Business goal – Increasing profitability

First off let’s look at the increasing profitability of the business. This might seem far removed from the website’s job, but you can make changes to your website to help with this.

Website focus – Customer type

To help with profitability, you might want to look at the type of customers your website is attracting and converting. Maybe by changing the content to attract more profitable customers, you can help improve the overall profitability of the business.

Business goal – Increasing sales

Increasing sales is a key focus of all businesses and a goal that most businesses will have. The only difference will be by how much.

Website focus – Conversion rate optimisation

To help with increasing sales, you will want to focus your website efforts on conversion rate optimisation. This is the study of looking at your website and seeing what you can improve to get more sales or leads from the website, or how many ‘conversions’ happen.

Business goal – Become industry leader

Everyone wants to be an industry leader, with it comes easier sales, more recognition and growth, which is why it can be an often used business goal.

Website focus – Search engine optimisation

Becoming an industry leader is no small task and there are a lot of strategies you need to employ to become that leader. But when talking web specific, it’s all about SEO. This wizardry can help you turn up in more searches, making you more visible and building trust in the industry because of this.

Business goal – Learn more about customers

If you learn more about your customers, then you can create better products and services which can in turn help grow the business. It’s not a goal we see often, but one that is important to all areas of the business regardless.

Website focus – Data collection

Your website can help with this through the data you collect. This can be anything from Google Analytics data to form captures and even customer surveys. All of this data collected and reviewed can give the business an idea of who is visiting the site and what they are most interested in.

Business goal – More sales

This is a part 2 of the increasing sales section, but a different twist. In this we are focussing on making the sales easier for the sales team by delivering them qualified and informed leads.

Website focus – Content creation

Through content creation you can answer a lot of questions that potential customers have about your product or service. This is something we employ as we develop content around questions our sales team get a lot. By writing answers, some clients come to us already knowing what we are talking about, and some we can direct them to in-depth content around a subject so they can understand the strategies we are going to use.


  • Your website can help meet business and marketing goals at the same time
  • Working with other teams can improve business and marketing effectiveness
  • Looking at your website holistically within your business is important

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