Why your website needs to be mobile ready

Posted 14.09.2016

By Rob Twells

The Frogspark team still see websites that were made recently that are really badly designed for mobile and tablet users and it shocks us every time.

If your website isn’t mobile ready, you are not utilising over half of your website traffic effectively enough!

Engage your customers

Your website exists to be engaging and if it isn’t optimised for mobiles, it will lose all the qualities and features that make it engaging. A badly optimised website will compromise its design, navigation, interactivity and so many more important features. It’s likely most of your customers will now be coming from a mobile device of some kind so don’t make it hard for them!

If you don’t think this applies to your B2B business, you would be wrong. It has been found that 72% of executives and decision-makers use their smartphone to conduct research on products or services for their business.

Don’t lose customers

If you are not catering for users who choose to find you via their smartphone or tablet, you will lose them in seconds. Viewing a website which isn’t optimised for a mobile device is hard work and will often take longer to load. Most people will click off your website and find a site easier to navigate (guaranteed to be a competitor).

Be more visible online

Google has announced that it will now actively favour websites that are optimised for mobile devices – so if yours isn’t, it’s very likely that your competitors will be more visible than you on Google searches.

Increase sales

This is especially relevant if your business has an e-commerce website. Studies have shown that in the last 5 years alone, purchases from websites which have been made by mobile have grown by over 5000% – and rising! People will buy using a mobile device but if your website is too much like hard work to use; you’re not going to get that sale.

Browsing and buying on a mobile device is only going to get more and more popular so make sure that you are future proofed!

All of Frogspark’s websites are mobile ready as standard. Contact us for your complimentary audit and quote.


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