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What is paid advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising, or as it’s more commonly known,  PPC – is one of the most effective ways to receive traffic that you’re in control of. The best part is, you only have to pay when your audience interacts with your content, typically through means of a click. A well optimised paid advertising campaign puts your brand in front of the right people, meaning your product or service marketing is more successful; the trick is building the right campaigns to find them.

Our Paid advertising services

We fine-tune every aspect of our paid campaigns; using data-driven analytics to ensure that we make the right decisions. We offer a number of PPC services designed to amplify your campaigns, whether that’s through search or social, and provide transparency throughout – it’s your money, and we think you deserve to know where it’s going.

Google ads

Google Ads in one of the most popular platforms when it comes to PPC advertising, offering the opportunity to create high performing campaigns across the Google search network. Our campaigns allow us to boost your brand’s online visibility and reach your target market with ease. Our PPC team are experts in the field, using our experience and innovation to create campaigns that truly perform.

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Google shopping

As the name suggests, Google Shopping allows you to market your products on Google’s shopping network against your competition. Advertising using this platform has accelerated in recent years, and it’s no surprise why, with its ability to maximise conversions. Our paid experts put your products in the spotlight, to appeal to those directly interested in your product.

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Google display

Looking to reach your target market, but failing to see results from a Google AdWords campaign alone? Using the Google Display Network is the perfect platform to expand your reach, yet still, find a targeted audience. We will create a campaign that displays across a range of relevant and authoritative sites, showing your ads to those who are most likely to be interested.

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Make the most of your existing traffic with a tailored remarketing campaign designed to capture leads directly. Target those who have previously visited your site, and already have an interest in your brand - there isn’t a better way to capture warm leads and accelerate your conversion rates. Making sure your website visitors don’t forget what you can do.

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Paid social

Paid advertising isn’t all about Google - we use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to reach relevant customers that are interested and in the market for your products and/or services. Using Paid Social allows you to reach an audience beyond your existing followers and organic reach.

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PPC audit

Are you finding that your conversions from PPC are too low to justify the spend? Or getting through your budget too quickly? It might be time for a PPC audit. We undertake a comprehensive review of your campaign and make recommendations to improve performance going forward. We always work towards your goals.

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Paid Advertising Campaigns built around your business

Paid Advertising isn’t limited to text ads, it involves more visual campaigns on Google Shopping and the Google Display Network too. We realise not everyone’s target audience should be targeted through Google, which is why we also use Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We capture your audience at the source, with a bespoke PPC strategy built to deliver results.

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Our approach to Paid Advertising

PPC is constantly changing and evolving, and a successful campaign is now characterised by analytical insights and creativity – luckily our PPC experts here at Frogspark have got this nailed. The entirety of our process is around creating a tailored campaign that makes use of all the opportunities available within the market, whilst directly targeting your audience. We commit to carrying out a paid campaign that is fully centred around you and your business so that we can run a campaign that delivers tangible results.

Data driven

Every suggestion, projection and change we make to your campaign is based on the data and research we undertake before & during your paid campaign. We commit ourselves to get the results you’re after, and more importantly, make sure to maintain these results and look for new opportunities to improve even further.

Long-term results

We use the best industry practices in each and every one of our paid campaigns to ensure our campaigns are making the most of all opportunities available, and are fully targeted to your market. As well as delivering tangible results in the short term, we want to create a campaign that promises positive long-term results for you.

Unique strategy

Our full-service digital marketing agency formed of design, content and PPC specialists allows us to create a unique strategy for each and every one of our paid marketing campaigns. This means that we can promise every step we take is geared towards your goals, and we can make sure that we are creating a campaign that truly works for you.

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