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NHS Repeat Prescriptions

Bespoke Website

DIMEC is an app that works to make the ordering process for repeat prescriptions an easier and more streamlined process for individuals. Furthermore, they look to help people take their medicines properly, and also get the very best out of taking them. DIMEC are paired with a range of local GPs and Pharmacies, and are proudly the only company that do this to also be supported by the NHS – therefore the prospect of working with them was a very exciting one for Frogspark.

The Challenge

The challenge our designers and developers faced was to create a website that was ultimately built around driving downloads for app. More importantly, we really wanted to create a website that was on fully on brand and truly showcases all the great aspects of the application to the user. We also wanted to make sure the site was engaging for the user, and that each aspect created was built for conversion – so we could encourage as many users as possible to download the app.

The Design

Alike all of our websites, we created a bespoke design for DIMEC, that fully encased their brand, whilst also remaining very visual and engaging for the user. We also looked to showcase the great work DIMEC have done across a range of different sectors and industries, to really highlight what they have achieved as a company as well as their versatility. In line with this, we wanted to create further trust with the user by showcasing testimonials and including application screenshots in order to present to users what they can expect by downloading the app themselves. Moreover, we built in a custom live feed of all the GPs involved with DIMEC, as well as all the affiliations they currently have with the NHS to help build rapport with the user even further.


Both us and DIMEC were more than pleased with the project that resulted in a great website, that perfectly reflects them as business, in what they do, the values they hold and why they are the ‘go to’ in their industry.

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