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"Frogspark have been fab, they really understand the business and what my website visitors need to see"

Paul Howard, Managing Director

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Infuse Tech have been silver partners with Microsoft for over 15 years, providing outstanding quality IT Support and technical help to businesses across the midlands. Offering cloud solutions, 24/7 tech support and security strategies they are a great business partner to have.

The Challenge

Infuse’s old site was broken, outdated and damaging to their reputation. They came to us in need of a site that matched the outstanding quality of their IT Support packages. They wanted to establish their authority and help increase the number of people contacting them via their site.

IT Support is littered with jargon that people aren’t familiar with, so it was important that we made it easy to understand for the users without sacrificing the professionalism that was essential in order to keep up with their brand.

The Design

The design for Infuse’s new site used a very similar colour palette to their previous one. With green and black playing a key role in the scheme and highlighting the key areas of the site for the user. We kept the animations and visual aspects of the site simple so the user won’t get lost in the site and confused with the jargon.

With the introduction of GDPR, Infuse wanted to demonstrate their capabilities to users. This is why they have decided to make certain areas of the site blue. This is to represent anything in terms of security that they handle, clarifying the users understanding.

The Features

To aid the user journey we categorised each of the services, meaning the site very quickly explains what Infuse can offer the user. This means all the value on offer is easily found, making the site even more efficient. Anything to do with the security of an IT infrastructure is coloured differently to make it clear to users that it is a different brand of Infuse providing that service.

The whole site has also undergone a GDPR audit to ensure the site is secure and robust against all kinds of threat. This will give Infuse the upper hand over their competitors as GDPR becomes law to enforce, their competition will only just be implementing the required precautions.

Paid Search Campaign

To help increase the visibility of their new site, and generate even more conversions, Infuse worked with Frogspark to create a paid search campaign. We were briefed on what services they wanted to push, so we had a lot of research and analysis to do around 3 different services.


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"The new website is exactly what we needed. This takes us above and beyond competitors in the local area, we're really pleased!"

Andrew Sanderson, AKS Residential

"The website launched looks fantastic. Rob & Liam at Frogspark really got a grasp of what we wanted and the project ran extremely smoothly from the very first meeting"

Mark Ashet, Catering Projects