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"The website launched looks fantastic. Rob & Liam at Frogspark really got a grasp of what we wanted and the project ran extremely smoothly from the very first meeting"

Mark Asher, Head of Design Catering Projects

Catering Projects design, supply and install bespoke commercial kitchens and bars, and they sure are good at it! They have worked with food industry giants Nando’s, Yo! Sushi, Wahaca and more.

The Challenge

Catering Projects needed a website that could showcase their cutting-edge culinary industrial kitchens. Not only did it have to look great but it had to entice kitchen owners to use their services. They wanted a site that would match the quality and sleek design of their brand and kitchens. Providing a platform their customers to contact them after seeing a whole cast of the previous projects they have contracted.

The Design

Catering Projects’ portfolio of fantastic design work is why they get clients. It was important for Frogspark to showcase their innovative kitchens in the best light by using impactful imagery across the site. We made this imagery the focus of their website design. With effects built around showcasing these images in an interesting and engaging way for the audience, we could create a sleek and effective user experience. Along with looking great the website’s design also had to be equally as functional as the kitchens they design.


Captivating video also plays a very important on the website. Each project follows a winning process that ensures every client gets an excellent finished product and has a smooth journey to get there. We wanted to ensure this was seen by Catering Projects’ target audience.

The high-profile clients that Catering Projects have worked with gives the company instant credibility. That’s why their work for them and their client’s logos are featured heavily throughout the site.

Overall, the site provides a fantastic experience that engages users with smooth transitions, captivating imagery simplistic yet impactful design.

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