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The client

UK Fulfilment Service are a professional, e-commerce fulfilment company that provide order fulfilment solutions to a number of different brands, across a range of industries. From fashion fulfilment to supplement order fulfilment, they are experts in storing, managing, picking and packing stock, as well as shipping orders across the UK and internationally. They came to us for help with their digital marketing strategy and increasing their visibility online. 

The Strategy

UK Fulfilment Services came to us wanting to create and manage their B2B marketing strategy and campaigns. They wanted to increase their brand awareness and ensure they were visible to a range of businesses across a multitude of sectors and industries. They offer a whole range of services from e-commerce fulfilment to returns management and it was important they had visibility with the right industries. They asked us to establish a multi-channel marketing campaign to help them reach their clients.

100%increase in enquiries via SEO
250%Increase in organic traffic
52%Increase on Linkedin page views


We focused our SEO efforts for UK Fulfilment Services on creating a range of sector and platform integration pages for their website. We wanted to ensure they were visible to clients across a range of industries who were looking for fulfilment services. From Shopify fulfilment integrations to warehousing solutions we have optimised their content, allowing for high visibility and rankings.

We have also worked on optimising their services pages. We carried out extensive keyword research on relevant keywords to their industry, business and services they offer. From there we were able to optimise their content, page titles and meta descriptions to ensure they were ranking highly. We wanted to ensure every service page from picking and packing to rework services were fully optimised for users and search engines. We have seen some amazing results for UKFS, their organic traffic has increased by 250%.

Social Media

Next UKFS, wanted to develop an effective B2B social media marketing strategy to reach their clients. Utilising the power of LinkedIn we have created a social media campaign tailored to them. From designing graphics, to copy-writing and scheduling, we have devised a successful organic LinkedIn strategy for UKFS. We post high quality content that resonates with their target audience, closely monitoring performance metrics to optimise the strategy going forward. We believe it is not just about being present on all social platforms but about pushing meaningful and engaging content on the ones that are most relevant to your business and audience base. We have increased UK Fulfilment Services LinkedIn page views by 52% since working on their campaigns. 


UK Fulfilment Services asked us to create compelling content pieces that cater to their customer base. After devising a content marketing strategy, we worked on creating a content calendar that would work effectively for their company and increase brand awareness. From creating a fulfilment guide to startups to a guide on reducing order returns we have covered it all! Our content marketing has helped increase website traffic to UK Fulfilment Services, support the SEO work we have done, and ultimately increase their online presence. 


After six months of working with UKFS on their marketing strategy, they asked us to design them a brand new website. They wanted a site that represented their young, modern brand and that looked clean and was easy to navigate. We went for a monochrome finish with funky additions such as the menu, take a look at our UKFS website case study for more information on their new site.

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