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Branding services

We consider a range of solutions and processes to best suit your business and create every branding strategy to support your business needs. Whether you need an audit to find additional opportunities and improve your brand or require tangible marketing to boost your online reach. Our branding and marketing experts are ready to face the challenge.

Brand strategy

Your bespoke brand strategy is there to build your brand from the bottom up. We’ll work with you to discover and define your brand value, tone of voice, audience and personality. From here, we can create your brand strategy which is there to propel your marketing activity and boost your online presence.

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Brand audit

Perhaps you already have a brand, but it’s not performing in the way you hope. In this case, we’ll undertake a brand audit where our experts will see where we can work on and improve the current elements of your brand. From here we’ll be ready to suggest a branding solution that keeps up with the changing face of your business.

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Brand identity

Your brand identity covers everything visual that you’d traditionally associate with a brand, such as logos and colours. After sitting down with you to agree on how you’d like your brand to look, we’ll use our creative minds to design new logos, concepts and colour charts you can use across your marketing activities.

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Campaign creation

Part of launching a successful brand is using the best marketing channels to reach the right audience, and support your business growth. Our digital marketing team will consider a range of marketing channels to suit your brand so that we can produce marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

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Tangible marketing

Even as a digital agency, we’re not afraid to say that a digital approach isn’t always best, and that it doesn’t work for everyone. We’re here to recommend and support in tangible marketing activity, whether that be in the form of a direct mail campaign, printed literature or assets to support events and conferences.

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Brand workshops

Part of developing a brand that is unique is making sure that it represents your values, and what you stand for as a company. Our team love to have a big brainstorming session with your team, after all, you are the experts in what you do. This way, we know we’re delivering you a solution that is fully in line with who you are, and what you stand for.

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Connecting you with your customers

Consistent branding has the capability to change perception, grow your customer base and generate you more sales. At Frogspark, we’re a creative marketing and design focused agency, using our expertise to define and perfect your brand identity. We help to grow your business and allow you to stand miles ahead of your competitors. We know that when done well, branding can completely reshape the way that your customers see you.

Our approach

The digital world is always changing and adapting; it has evolved into a fine practice with a flair of creativity – something we’ve gotten down to a T in our branding process. Our entire process is centred around you and your values, making sure you are involved with every step we take. We want to deliver a brand strategy that we, and you, are proud of.


We think it’s important to take a collaborative approach right from the word go, so that we can get a better understanding of your business and what you stand for. From day one, we want to get involved in brainstorming and workshop sessions with you, so that we know what you like and dislike, meaning we can better understand what will work best for your business long term.


Once we’ve established your brand identity, tone of voice and personality, it’s time to kick off a marketing campaign to show off your brand to the world. We’ll devise a marketing strategy combining the use of the best marketing channels for you to use to reach your audience, grow your customer base and generate more sales.

Brand loyalty

The end goal for any successful branding strategy and campaign is to establish brand loyalty with your current customers, and any new customers that you get on board. We’re here to deliver creative branding solutions that deliver long-lasting positive results in terms of both your customer base and business performance.

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Setting you apart

The internet is a very competitive place for businesses, meaning that to have a compelling brand, it’s about much more than your logo and catchy slogan. We take an innovative and diverse approach to bring your brand to life online, helping you stand in a different league to your competitors. Through careful execution of your brand strategy, we’ll better engage your target market, propel your online presence and generate you more enquiries.

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