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Google ads have a reach covering 90% of worldwide internet users.

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What are Google ads?

Google ads are the advertising services offered by Google across a range of their properties and partner sites. Google ads are designed to help businesses connect with internet users on Google Search, in YouTube videos and across Display campaigns. The advertising platform caters to a range of brands and businesses of varying sizes and budgets. 

Google Ads Management

We are here to deliver exceptional results to our clients, whatever your industry, goals and budget. Frogspark have a wealth of experience when it comes to managing and optimising PPC campaigns to ensure you get the highest ROI. 

Our dedicated PPC team tailor the management of each campaign to ensure your expectations are met. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, grow your online visibility or generate online sales – we are here to make it happen. We put your business in front of the right audience to ensure you see the highest level of results. The Google ads platform is a highly popular and competitive ad network that sees our clients bring in amazing results. We consistently optimise your ads, budget, keywords and audience to ensure you see the best results possible. 

Google search ads

The Google search network sees 6 types of ads: text ads, call-only ads, shopping ads, image and video ads and dynamic search ads. We ensure your online visibility is at an all time high by bidding on the right keywords and producing outstanding ad copy to generate tangible conversions and leads for your business.

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Google display ads

Google Display Network helps you display your ads across a range of strategic online placements. These targeted ads are displayed through Google’s networks such as YouTube videos, across millions of websites and news pages, Gmail and across mobile devices and apps. They can take the format of text, image or video ads.

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Remarketing ads are the best way to connect with users who have interacted with your website in the past. They are a really effective marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and pushing purchases as they allow you to strategically place your ads in front of your previous website users.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping has revolutionised online retail by streamlining the consumer shopping experience and significantly amplifying business reach. Leveraging Google's sophisticated search engine, Google Shopping integrates product discovery, comparison, and purchasing into one seamless process, thereby enhancing user convenience.

Google Shopping

Google Adwords Agency

As an experienced PPC agency, we’ve had years of practice working with Google Ads. Our PPC team are focused on performance and getting the results that matter to you. Your dedicated account manager will provide detailed reporting so you can understand exactly what’s working for your target market.

Our services cover a whole array of digital marketing, so you can couple Google ads management with a shopping product feed, display ads, eCommerce SEO services or even social media management if you choose.

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