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Marketing for the fitness industry

As a fitness business, you’re probably used to helping your clients crush their fitness goals. But who’s there to help you beat your business-PB’s?

We’re experts in fitness marketing. It’s our job to support fitness professionals in growing their businesses across all aspects of digital marketing. We can help build a new website that showcases your fitness brand at its best, design a content strategy that sees your website soar up the search results, and we can carry out a marketing campaign that boosts your traffic and your sale

Fitness services

Just like maintaining your own health and fitness, successful digital marketing combines science, passion and dedication. You need to treat the process as a cohesive whole and stay consistent to see any progress.

With our fitness marketing services, this approach is easy. We can take on all the heavy lifting across all your channels, from social media to SEO. Take a look at our services for all things fitness to see exactly how we can help you:

SEO for Fitness

Just like it is in the gym, the key to SEO is strong but steady gains. Search engine optimisation won't always deliver quick wins, but a sound strategy will generate long-term growth. Our SEO specialists can help you climb to the top of the search results page, gaining more relevant organic traffic without having to worry about ongoing investment in paid campaigns. We can help with local SEO to draw new clients into your gym, club or studio as well as on and off-page strategies that send all the right signals.

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Copywriting for Fitness

We know our way around the fitness business. Our experience and expertise mean that we can write copy that speaks directly to your customers in a way they understand. From blog posts to help gym newbies find their way around the weight room to web pages that shows die-hard gym bunnies how you can improve their routine, we can create content that will serve your customers and your business. We can write for multiple channels, aimed at every audience to make sure your target market always feels included.

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Web design for Fitness

Having an attractive, appealing website for your health and fitness business is essential. Whether it's used for booking classes, purchasing products or just learning more about your company, you need an online base. We can build you a brand new website that makes a brilliant impression, uses SEO-friendly code to drive traffic and convinces customers that your company is the right one for them.

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Social Media for Fitness

The importance of social media for fitness marketing is impossible to ignore anymore. From local gym owners to national brands, you need an aspirational, inspirational social media presence to prove your fitness brand is the one customers should trust. We'll collaborate with you to create a social media strategy that showcases your brand's personality and values. We'll help you highlight the full range of benefits that come from your brand to stop people searching for anyone else.

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Web design & marketing for fitness

Whatever product or service your fitness business provides, you will always benefit from a strong online presence and cohesive fitness marketing strategy.

As a digital marketing company with extensive experience within the fitness industry, we can make sure your web presence is in tip-top shape, doing the heavy lifting to promote your company and draw in potential clients or potential customers.

We’re here to custom tailor a plan for you, no matter what you specialise in:


From local fitness clubs to national brands, if you’re a gym owner we can shape your web presence to speak directly to your customers.

A gym requires a friendly digital presence that is able to interact with a number of people young and old so that they’re able to spread the word about your brand. A handcrafted website and a marketing strategy for your gym is the perfect way to grow your business.

Personal trainers

When you run a personal training business, you’re used to putting together fitness plans to guide your clients to their goals. We can help you build a personal trainer marketing strategy that works the same way. Whether you want to gain more brand visibility through a strong social media presence or build a website that converts, we’ll make sure all your digital marketing works together to achieve your goals.

Sports clubs

From making and running a sports club website, to maintaining your social channels the digital marketing world can seem very daunting if you’re unfamiliar with it. We’re here to help your club thrive with new members by improving your online presence.


As a physiotherapist, you might feel like a booking form and contact page are all your website needs but it takes more than that to help people place their trust in your brand. We can build a site and even an online presence that helps show customers exactly what to expect from you and your services. Informative, engaging with a visual design that matches the personality of your business, we’ll make sure your site shows exactly what sets you apart.

Meal prep

Whether you sell ready-made meals, a meal delivery kit or a meal prep subscription you have to make sure that you’re marketing the product to reach out to new and existing customers. Not only does it have to be marketed well but also your website has to be easily accessible and easy to use.

Yoga studio

If you are dedicated to helping people stretch out and find calm, you won’t want to be worrying about finding future members or chasing down leads. We can take the stress out of your marketing efforts to make sure sure you are constantly bringing in new customers without wasting valuable time.

Health supplement companies

If you’re looking to get your foot into the fitness supplement industry there is no one better than our team of experts here at Frogspark to help you get started. With years of experience understanding how best to market your website we’re able to make sure that you get the visibility you desire

Health & Fitness retailers

When selling your fitness equipment or clothing it’s absolutely essential to have an optimised ecommerce website that is not only going to perform well but is also going to drive sales. Not only do you require a good website but also an exceptional social media presence where you frequently engage with your audience.

Our approach

We’ve been helping fitness businesses sharpen their digital marketing and website design for years. During this time we’ve honed a perfect process for creating bespoke marketing approaches for fitness businesses. We know exactly what users expect from fitness companies, so we can help you tailor your marketing efforts to deliver the best possible results.


We use data collected from your existing site as well as the broader fitness industry as the basis for every decision we make about your marketing strategy or website build. This way, we can always make the most beneficial decisions possible, building a web presence that serves your business and achieves your goals.


We start by creating a static design so that you can see what we're planning and how it maps to your customer journey. Only once you're happy will our developers take charge and build it into a fully functioning website. They'll make sure the site looks incredible, speaks to your customers and is optimised for search engines to make sure it drives traffic and converts new customers.

Unique process

As the owner of a fitness business, you know all about the importance of being goal orientated. We do too. This is why the first part of our process is always to sit down with our clients and find out exactly what your goals are. Then we tailor everything we do to serve those goals, whether they're gaining new leads, more members or increasing the visibility of your brand.

Fitness marketing services

Our in-house marketing team are experts when it comes to the likes of SEO, PPC and social media. We’re also got plenty of specialist experience in fitness marketing so we know exactly how to get you the results you need. With our previous work on various fitness campaigns, we are able to help boost your rankings, create engagement and drive conversions. From crafting aspirational social media brands to content marketing that shows your offering at its best, our fitness marketing experts can lift you to the heights of your industry.

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Fitness website design

We’ve built a whole range of websites for fitness brands that bring in more leads and convert more customers than they’ve ever seen before. Our well-honed process has been proven time and again to bring success. The fitness industry is one in which we have a lot of experience and we’re very confident that we can provide you with a cutting-edge website that will help you stand out within the competitive fitness market.

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