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The client

19Crimes, a renowned wine brand, approached us with an exciting project. They wanted to create a microsite to promote a prize draw competition, where customers could enter special codes from their wine bottles for a chance to win a share of the prize money. The client had specific requirements related to data security and compliance with a third-party payment processor, making the project unique and challenging.

The design

The client’s vision was to create a captivating microsite that would match their existing branding and provide a seamless user experience. The design incorporated their fonts, imagery, and overall aesthetic to maintain brand consistency. The microsite needed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and convey a sense of excitement and thrill to the participants.

The goals

The primary goals of the project were to ensure data security, comply with the guidelines of a third-party payment processor, and create an engaging and immersive user experience. The codes for the prize draw competition needed to be secure and obtainable only through purchasing the wine, while also maintaining compliance with the third-party payment processor to protect customer’s bank details. The microsite needed to drive participation and create buzz among wine enthusiasts, ultimately contributing to the success of the client’s marketing campaign.

The result

The microsite was successfully launched, meeting all the goals of the project. The implemented security measures ensured that the codes were authentic and obtained only through purchasing the wine, maintaining the integrity of the competition. The microsite complied with the guidelines of the third-party payment processor, ensuring the highest level of security for customer’s bank details. The captivating design of the microsite matched the client’s branding, creating an immersive and exciting experience for participants. Overall, the project was a resounding success, delivering a seamless and secure user experience while meeting the client’s goals.

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