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A web application is much more than a website

Many of the clients that come to us for a web application don’t approach us knowing that this is what they need, instead simply asking for a website that does x, y and z. A web application is much more than a website, it is a highly functional custom-built application that has the ability to transform your idea into a reality. So whether you’re looking to improve a process internally or externally, create your very own marketplace or a launch custom social platform, we’re here to provide the solution.

Web application technologies

Take a look at some of the innovative and diverse tools and technologies we use in our web app projects.


One of the things we love the most about working on web applications is that no two projects are the same. Because we’re working solely towards your idea and your goals, each application is completely bespoke and built around your requirements. This means that we can fine tune every aspect of your application to your specification.

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Full software lifecycle

Each and every website application we work on goes through a full software lifecycle. This cycle kicks off with understanding your requirements and is then followed by a rigorous planning and discovery session. From here we’re ready to take your app from the build and testing stage, right the way through to launch.

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PHP is our scripting language of choice for any web application we work on here at Frogspark. This is due to its efficient nature, rapid speed, reliability and security measures. We always use the latest PHP framework so that we can be confident that we’re delivering a truly innovative and diverse final web application.

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Remaining innovative, and ahead of the curve is something we like to bring to each project we work on. Although we are working to your idea and requirements, we always like to bring in our own experience and ideas from previous projects we’ve worked on. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and we like to share these insights with you.

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Using a fully developed testing process is key to launching a successful web application. We use robust techniques to put your web application to the test so that if we spot any issues we can rectify them straight away. Outlining and solving any issues prior to launch saves facing any problems later down the line, which are generally more difficult to fix.

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Our web development team is formed of experienced software engineers who truly love what they do. That passion, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in development is what helps our team put an extra 10% into each project we work on. We’re proud of everything we produce and proud of the way we deliver it.

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Business requirements

The key to creating a web application that truly works is to gain a comprehensive understanding behind the purpose of it. We’ll sit down with you so we know exactly what problems you want to solve, the functionality you want the app to have and the solutions you want it to provide. This way, we can be confident each element of the application is built around those needs and requirements. We’re passionate about launching a final product that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

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Frameworks we specialise in

With the ever-changing ecosystem of the global market, we ensure we’re offering the most reliable and effective web solutions. Our job is made entirely possible through the use of frameworks, they allow us to bring your business to life.


For bespoke web development from scratch, we use Laravel. This is because it is a rapid development framework, trusted by the world's largest brands.

Laravel web development


Symfony is a PHP based framework built on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) idea, that helps with the creation and maintenance of web applications.

Symfony web development


We apply cutting edge technology, developing solutions that are faster, sleeker, and more dynamic will help you get ahead of your competition – all using CakePHP.

CakePHP web development


An open-source PHP framework to help us build fully bespoke web applications completely tailored to your businesses individual requirements.

CodeIgniter web development

How we make our websites

In such a competitive online world, it’s never been more crucial to drive extra traffic to your site, and more importantly, make the most of that traffic. We use a fully comprehensive process that starts with understanding your business and takes us right up to launching your site. The attention we give to every stage of your website creation process means you get a high-performing website that looks fantastic. The entirety of our process is centred around you and your business, as we see success for you as a success for us.


We think it’s important to take a collaborative approach right from the word go, so that we can use your team’s experience, alongside our own, to add value creatively and technically at each stage. We will discuss your aims and objectives so that we can work with you to create a website that works towards achieving your goals.


We will conduct a detailed statistical analysis of your existing site, using insightful tools such as Google Analytics; allowing us to make better-informed choices when it comes to planning your new site. Then we begin mapping your site in terms of a customer’s journey to conversion, creating a visual sitemap for you to better understand this.


With the planning process defined, we put our fantastic team of creative minds together to design a beautiful unique website. This will begin with a wireframe design, to a full design concept, which is where we can look to create a truly engaging experience for your customers.


Once the design has been agreed, our developers will take your site from a static visual to a fully functioning website. We make sure to use clean, SEO friendly code to ensure your website is easy to read by search engine crawlers. We also ensure the site is running as quickly as possible - nobody likes a sluggish site.


A crucial stage is of course testing; your website is a big investment so it’s important to make sure that it is functioning exactly how it should be. This process involves checking everything is looking great and functioning correctly across a range of devices, as well as ensuring all content is search-engine ready.


After the exciting launch of your new site, you’re not left to your own devices - we can provide you with hosting and all the support you need post-launch to give that extra added value to your business. See our hosting and support packages for more information on this.

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