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We create custom ecommerce websites to capture your customers with a tailor-built online shopfront that is designed to drive sales and maximise conversion in the competitive online market.

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Custom ecommerce websites

Designed to drive traffic, boost conversions and maximise sales to make you more money. The great thing about the internet is that it lets you reach more customers than ever before, and so making the most of your online shop window has never been more important. Your website is there to present your brand, products and service offering in the best possible way to encourage people to make a purchase. So whether you’re in the exciting initial stages of launching your online shop, or you’re wanting to kick start your growth, our team will provide a custom ecommerce site to work towards achieving those goals.

Ecommerce solutions

Take a look at how we approach ecommerce website creation, and how we make the process work around your goals.


If you’re new to the business of selling online, or are a smaller business with fewer product numbers, WooCommerce is the perfect option for your online shop. It’s a fully flexible, adaptable and scalable platform, which integrates perfectly with our custom-built websites. It’s also really easy to manage in the long-term!

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Magento is the perfect platform for the larger ecommerce projects we work on, typically if you’ve got more than 50 products we’ll recommend this platform. The great thing about Magento is that it’s an open-source ecommerce platform that’s fully adaptable around your needs, regardless of whether you operate in a B2B or B2C capacity.

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Conversion lead design

A good ecommerce website isn’t just about having a great-looking design, it needs to be a ‘purpose-made’ design that achieves your goals and objectives. We work hard to make sure every aspect of your website design is conversion lead; encouraging your customers to make a purchase at every opportunity.

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No two businesses are the same, so we think that equally, no two websites should be the same. A huge part of our process here involves sitting down with you to talk through the needs of your customer. From there, we can craft a custom website with a user journey that’s geared around meeting those needs and encourages conversion at every possible stage.

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Dealing with payments is key for any ecommerce website, and our team makes the process as easy and secure as possible. We work with some of the key payment providers out there including PayPal and WorldPay, but we always suggest the best payment provider for your business.

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With GDPR and security breaches seemingly always coming up in the news, it’s never been more important to think about your on-site security. With Frogspark, your ecommerce site is hosted on a reliable, premium and secure server that keeps your customer’s data safe at all time.

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Here at Frogspark, we understand that mobile traffic is constantly increasing and it’s key that your website is performing seamlessly across all platforms. All of our eCommerce websites are mobile responsive as standard; helping you to increase your sales across all devices.

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Website features

We pride ourselves on creating websites that have all the features that you need and more. From one-page checkout systems all the way through to live chat and customer review integration. We make it our mission to equip your ecommerce website with everything it needs to help your business thrive online.

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eCommerce frameworks we specialise in

Key conversion & sales lead tool

Your website is the single most important tool you have to boost sales for your business. With our experienced team working with you, we’ll be able to design and deliver an exceptional user experience that is centred around driving conversion. Creating an ecommerce website that truly performs is about more than making it look great, it’s about making sure that your site brings an ROI and makes you more money through sales. We’re here to make sure your customers put more of your products in their shopping basket.

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How we make our websites

In such a competitive online world, it’s never been more crucial to drive extra traffic to your site, and more importantly, make the most of that traffic. We use a fully comprehensive process that starts with understanding your business and takes us right up to launching your site. The attention we give to every stage of your website creation process means you get a high-performing website that looks fantastic. The entirety of our process is centred around you and your business, as we see success for you as a success for us.


We think it’s important to take a collaborative approach right from the word go, so that we can use your team’s experience, alongside our own, to add value creatively and technically at each stage. We will discuss your aims and objectives so that we can work with you to create a website that works towards achieving your goals.


We will conduct a detailed statistical analysis of your existing site, using insightful tools such as Google Analytics; allowing us to make better-informed choices when it comes to planning your new site. Then we begin mapping your site in terms of a customer’s journey to conversion, creating a visual sitemap for you to better understand this.


With the planning process defined, we put our fantastic team of creative minds together to design a beautiful unique website. This will begin with a wireframe design, to a full design concept, which is where we can look to create a truly engaging experience for your customers.


Once the design has been agreed, our developers will take your site from a static visual to a fully functioning website. We make sure to use clean, SEO friendly code to ensure your website is easy to read by search engine crawlers. We also ensure the site is running as quickly as possible - nobody likes a sluggish site.


A crucial stage is of course testing; your website is a big investment so it’s important to make sure that it is functioning exactly how it should be. This process involves checking everything is looking great and functioning correctly across a range of devices, as well as ensuring all content is search-engine ready.


After the exciting launch of your new site, you’re not left to your own devices - we can provide you with hosting and all the support you need post-launch to give that extra added value to your business. See our hosting and support packages for more information on this.

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