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4.8%overall conversion rate for UK's top childcare chain

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The client

Busy Bees are the UK’s leading childcare nursery provider, with 374 children’s nurseries. They’ve built a reputation around providing rich learning opportunities in unique and exciting environments.

Their goal

Busy Bees came to us just before their busiest time – January Enrolment. We were tasked with creating a paid advertising campaign from the ground up – that hooked into the excitement of the Busy Bees brand to deliver qualified leads.

The challenge

As the campaign began exactly one month before the enrolment week itself, we needed to capture the perfect audience from the very start. Because their previous paid campaigns they had ran delivered less than expected, we were keen to show the results of a quality paid campaign.

Extensive research into demographics, generation of all keyphrases and ad copy, intensive split-testing of ads and extensions, a completely bespoke landing page that was optimised for conversion; all of these were tools we utilised to ensure we exceeded expectation and more importantly got the results that meant success for Busy Bees.

4.86%Conversion rate
£0.68Average cost per click

Google ads

To get the best results for Busy Bees, our initial focus was on creating a targeted PPC campaign using Google Ads. We undertook extensive research into demographics and the industry, came up with the correct keywords and phrases to target as well as all the most emotive ad copy to get results. We made sure to undertake intensive split testing of all the ads and ad extensions we had in place, to ensure we were getting the best results possible. As part of the campaign, our talented in house designers and developers produced a bespoke landing page that was optimised for conversion, with a simplified booking process; this helped to generate an impressive 4.97% click-through rate on our ads.

Display Network

To go along with our PPC campaign, we created a Display Network Campaign that was placed on key domains we identified. From this campaign alone, we generated 116,812 impressions, which helped to reinforce the Busy Bees brand and create buzz around the upcoming enrolment week.


The combination of our bespoke landing page, focused and emotive ad copy, accurate keyword targeting, and simplified booking process gave us an impressive 4.97% click-through rate on our ads, and a 4.86% conversion rate for the entire campaign.

"This has been the most successful paid campaign we’ve ever run, we're really pleased with the results"

Cheryl Creaser, COO

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