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Six Physio are a leading provider of physiotherapy with clinics across London, offering a range of specialist services in the industry. They approached Frogspark looking for a fresh, clean website, to truly show off their service offering and drive their enquiry numbers.

The Challenge

The main challenge our web team faced was to design and develop a site that really showed off Six Physio’s expertise and 20 years industry experience. Their site had to reflect them as a leading providing of physiotherapy across a range of locations in London, and this was key for us throughout. Furthermore, Six Physio are an extremely people driven company, so showing off the hardworking team members behind the brand was really important to them.

The Design

We worked hard to create a clean and engaging design, that was truly reflective of Six Physio’s brand values, and the ways they work and operate as a company. We made sure to keep this at the forefront of our minds throughout the design and development process. Not only this but making sure this design was consistent across a full range of devices so that the site could be easily accessed by Six Physio’s target market at all times.



One of the key features to their site was ‘The Guru’ section we put time into developing. This area is a hub of content for answering all customer’s questions and queries, making it a really important section of the site in terms of engagement. We wanted to make sure this section was as interactive and engaging as possible for the user, with a range of content and videos available.

Furthermore, in order to continually work towards Six Physio’s main goal of driving enquiries, it was key to have contact information readily available for the user across the site. Their contact details are prominent on each page and are an important feature in the user’s journey on the site. The easier and more obvious it is for the user to get in touch, the more likely they are to do so!

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