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The client

AirSec is a specialist division of award-winning Managed Service Provider, AirIT. They are independently ranked as one of the world’s most progressive MSPs and required a website for a new security division, AirSec. AirSec is a new division for AirIT, and forms part wider brand strategy. As a new division, it was crucial that the new website not only reflected the already-solidified brand in AirIT, but also quickly started to generate interest and leads from the off.

The design

The design of the website had to fit perfectly within the AirIT umbrella. The website needed to be consistent with the main brand, AirIT. This meant that we had to match fonts, colours and language to ensure there was a seamless experience between all of the brands. Red was the chosen colour – representing a level of ‘danger’ involved with Cyber Security. As AirIT has accreditations from leading partners such as Microsoft and Cyber Essentials, it was important we put this at the forefront. This, combined with strong USP’s meant we could produce a design that would build trust with website visitors.

The structure

We opted to put their core services front and centre of the structure. Their 5 key services are the most visible to the user throughout, meaning that the user journey was quick and simple. Each page clearly communicates the service in various ways, from written text to video, to short easily digestible content. This means we can speak to users who digest content in different ways. Doing this, combined with easy to find, and consistently visible call to actions means that AirSec never misses the opportunity to generate a lead from interested visitors.

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