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The Client

Arma Health is a new brand formed from a division of Pennine Healthcare, created during COVID-19 to help provide PPE products to the public sector. Their goal is to bring hospital quality products straight to the consumer, so that you are able to have some peace of mind knowing that both you and your loved ones are protected. They recognised that the products that are typically sold in retail stores or online are not that of hospital standard. As one of the largest suppliers of PPE to the NHS, they felt it was their duty to look out for the general public during Coronavirus. See more information on our web design & marketing work for healthcare.

The Design

When designing the site for Arma we needed to keep it in line with the brand guidelines that were in place. This meant the colour palette stayed consistent and inline throughout the site, hence the use of various shades of green and numerous elements of the Arma logo. Also, we wanted that site to build confidence with the user and improve the conversion rate, that’s why we used trust signals and placed key USP’s throughout the entire Magento website. Furthermore, they needed to make sure that the website was easily accessible and was simple for customers to find and buy products.

The Goals

The goals for this site were to create a seamless eCommerce website that was easy for customers to find and purchase the products they sought after. The client wanted to make sure that they would be able to cope with a high volume of orders and to ensure that it was built with scalability in mind to grow as Arma Health. That’s why we opted to build the site on Magento to guarantee that we would meet Arma’s requirements and goals.

The Result

We’ve built a website that not only looks great but works seamlessly as a high converting eCommerce site. Furthermore, it makes it easy for customers to purchase and it works with Arma Healths internal order fulfilment system.

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