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The Client

Just about everybody has heard of the supermarket giant ASDA and we had the pleasure of being tasked with the creation of their new project’s website, with the aim to help out the community and provide people with the support and relief they need during these times. It was essential ASDA launched a system like this as many elderly and vulnerable individuals were struggling with getting their shopping. But for many, it was becoming nearly impossible to get a slot for their online shopping and ASDA needed some sort of system in place in order to help get a vast amount of orders out and in a short amount of time.

The Design

When it came to designing this section for ASDA’s website it was absolutely essential that we stuck to their brand guidelines, mainly surrounding style and colour. But not only did we have to stay within brand guidelines, but we also had to make the page very easy to use, from the process of adding to basket all the way through to check out. We understood that many of the people who would use this service are very likely going to be the elderly and vulnerable, so it was important that it was accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Furthermore, we made sure that we created a website that was efficient in what it did; from the time the order was taken to it being shipped out – the turn around time had to be minimal.

The Goals

The goal for this project was to create an efficient system that allows people to order their shopping online and receive it a very short period of time, without having to worry about leaving the house and feeling vulnerable. It was so important to help out the community, meaning that ASDA wanted this launched as quickly as was possible, without compromising on quality and effectiveness. In order to make sure this system was as efficient as possible, we built on a bespoke ecommerce platform that allows it to be linked with DPD. This means that as soon as an order is placed, it is sent over to the warehouse, the label is printed and order is shipped out; it is imperative that there are no mistakes with shipping the people in need are receiving their essentials.

The Result

Here at Frogspark, we’re so happy that we were given the opportunity to work on such an exciting project that is going to help the quality of life for so many people. These are difficult times everyone and it has meant we had to work all hours of the day in order to create this system which is now bringing in a great number of orders to help the vulnerable and elderly in our communities.

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