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The client

Darleys are an award-winning Derbyshire restaurant, situated on the waterfront in Darley Abbey Mills. With new owners came the need for a new website. They wanted to build on the previous history and class of the restaurant. Darleys offer some of the best food in Derby, their dishes are beautifully presented and created only from the highest quality, local ingredients. It was so important that the website we were to create for them captured the passion that they have for food and also shows how committed they are to providing a world-class dining experience.

The design

When designing this site there were a number of things that we were taking into consideration. Darleys is a high-class restaurant and it was important to highlight this and keep the brand’s image. In order to show this, we thought we should let the restaurant’s reputation speak for itself, so we opted in keeping the site very clean and minimalistic. It was also decided that we would use beautiful imagery to show the users the quality of the restaurant with a number of beautiful photos of both the food and location they really speak for themselves. We didn’t want to get rid of the previous branding of the restaurant, instead, we wanted to build on top of it.

In order to bring it in line with modern sites, we added a number of new features to make it as effective as possible. For example, we have implemented a brand new online booking system that is integrated with Resdiary. We wanted to add in the feature to show numerous menus so whether it be breakfast, lunch or the a la carte menu you’re looking for they’re all easily accessible. But not only was it new features they wanted to have a section all about the restaurant, that goes into detail on all of the produce they use and where it is supplied from. The overall design was letting the restaurant’s reputation speak for itself with the use of stunning imagery while making it easy to use and informative.

The goals

There were several goals with this website, so obviously Darleys were wanting to promote the food and drink that they offer and the high standard that they do everything to. So with the promotion of their business, they were wanting to increase the demand for booking which is why we made it easier with being able to do it online. And they were wanting to advertise their new idea of selling vouchers and gifts for any number of different events. It was so important that they made it clear that the ownership had changed but it hadn’t lost any of its class but are dedicated to making the restaurant the best it has ever been. We had sure that the website was the greatest it has ever been to offer users the best experience possible to hopefully increase their traffic.

The result

We’re so happy with how the website looks, it’s a modern site that has beautiful imagery and really shows off the class of the restaurant. But not only does it look amazing it also is more functional than it has ever been, with the ability to book online, view their Instagram feed, view their multiple menus and also sell vouchers and gifts. The site is a brilliant way of promoting the restaurant the high standard that they work to.

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