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The client

Dilmaherbals is a premium skincare company that believes in creating products that are as natural as possible but also skin-friendly and highly effective. Dilmaherbals required a website that showed off their business values in the best way possible. As a brand, they are committed to using only the purest herbal extracts and natural oils, whilst combining this with ‘ancient wisdom’; a key part of the brand’s heritage. As well as this, they also aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible and help to reduce the impact that they have on the environment. Communicating these values to their potential customers throughout the website was key in this project.

The design

This project was a collaboration between us and the client, they came to us with ideas that they had for the site. Our job was to take this inspiration and come up with a website design that was clean, simple and easy to navigate with an emphasis on the ingredients that they use as well as the business’ background. Dilmaherbals wanted a simple and clear user experience from the information they’re providing to the purchasing of a product, this was done through stripping the site down to the minimum required to make sure that it is clean and precise.

The goals

Throughout this Woocommerce site, we aimed to strike a balance between an aesthetically pleasing design and presenting the amazing benefits of using their skincare products. Dilmaherbals wanted an early 2020 site launch and to use the eCommerce website as a platform for product sales analysis and future product development.

The shop

Dilmaherbals wanted to enable the shop to shed light on the effects of the ingredients, such as the amazing benefits of Amla oil for the skin, and to allow a potential customer to view more in-depth product information as well as the key benefits of their products. It was key that we were transparent in showing users exactly what ingredients are in each amazing product – however, we didn’t want to scare the users off by making this too technical They also wanted the shop’s style to be representative of the products themselves; clean and simplistic style.

The result

We’re really pleased with the way the site has turned out. It was really important that we created a site that met their goals and that’s exactly what we did. Not only does the site reflect the business from an aesthetic view, but it is functional in educating the viewer in herbal extracts and natural oils, and converting website users to paying customers.

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