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The client

MyHealthShield produce natural health supplements to support healthy lifestyles. In order to take this to a wider market, they required a new Woocommerce website to support the updates to the brand and their product range. The overarching goal for the website was not only to reflect a better brand, but to drive more conversions that would support their growth ambitions. We were chosen due to our extensive experience producing websites and marketing campaigns for healthcare businesses. We collaborated with fellow Digital Maze Agency Boom Online, our specialist SEO agency who continue to support MyHealthShield with their marketing efforts.

The Goals

MyHealthShield came to us with ambitious growth plans, so a new website and SEO strategy was put in place to facilitate that ambition. Our years of experience with eCommerce web design allowed us to produce a user journey that built trust with users throughout, whilst enabling an easy and quick checkout process.


We created a fun and bright website for MyHealthShield. We made sure the website was highly functional with an easy checkout function as well as trust building features such as the ability to leave reviews. To help drive conversions, we built a fast checkout process and conducted a CRO review at the end of the project to ensure the user journey was seamless throughout.

SEO foundations

Our partner agency, and specialist SEO agency Boom conducted a full SEO review on the website prior to its launch. This ensured that the website was structurally and architecturally sound for our ongoing SEO strategy. The SEO audit process covers everything from meta information, to 301 redirects all the way to the content housed on the website. This has allowed us to launch a website that not only looks great, but one that will support further marketing for MyHealthShield.

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