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The client

Pork farms are a pork-based snack company who operate in the UK and have been around since way back in 1931. They wanted a site that was going to act as a place for people to learn more about their products. With a wide variety of different flavours of pork snacks, they wanted a site that was going to educate the user on the nutritional values of the products as well as offering the users with inspiration for ways of serving and pairing the snacks. We were chosen due to our experience with food & beverage web design & marketing

The design

When it came to designing the Magento website they wanted a consistent theme throughout with a very rural and vintage look. However, while they wanted a very traditionally themed site, it was also very important that all of the fonts and colours were in line with their brand and products. It was also necessary that the site was to be easy to access and very easy to manoeuvre around, with a large number of products available it needed to be easy to find what you were looking for.

The goals

The goals we had in mind when we were creating this site was making sure that the site was rich and informative on all of the products they have to offer. Whether this was the nutritional values, the ingredients or how to cook the product it was important that all of this information was easily accessible and readily available on the site. Furthermore, they wanted this site to tell a story of how the business came to be and their history over the past 90 years.

The result

Overall we’ve created an amazing website with a very rustic feel to it that aligns with the Pork Farms’ brand. This is exactly what the client asked for with all of the information readily available and a brilliant in-depth “our story” section that goes into how they started and the choices they make when it comes to creating their snacks. Both the team here at Frogspark and at Pork Farms are very happy with the end result and how this project has ended.

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