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The client

Pro-Fit is a company dedicated to making the lives of trades professionals easier; in creating tools that not only produce a perfect finish but also provide an enjoyable process for the user. Their stand-out product is their Pro-Fit holesaw system, which has been innovatively designed around the trades professional to enhance their working process.

The challenge

Pro-Fit approached us earlier this year, looking for an e-commerce website to support the sales and delivery of their innovative products to the UK market. The website was a key stepping stone in showcasing their products to their target market, therefore it was important that everything in the design and development stages worked to drive sales. As well as creating a site that looked great, it needed to work towards their goals to convert users to customers.

The features

The entirety of the site is built with the user in mind; with a user journey that has been crafted to take the user to the products they want, through cleverly crafted categories, that then lead them to purchase. In order to work towards Pro-Fit’s goals, it was really important we built up trust and understanding with their website users. We did this by making sure to include key information is an easily accessible way, as well as displaying a range of testimonials and how-to videos which clearly displays to the user what they can expect from Pro-Fit’s products.

Furthermore, to better work towards driving conversion, we created a simple ‘1 step checkout’ system, making it more simple than ever for customers to complete their purchase. Making sure that the design was clean and simple was key in supporting these website goals; leading customers on the right journey through the website, right from the homepage, to the checkout stage.

The result

After our design and development efforts, and both ourselves and Pro-Fit couldn’t be happier with the result. We created a site and bespoke strategy that has helped support Pro-Fit’s launch of a Dutch product into the UK market. Pro-Fit have a site that fully reflects their brand, company and products, providing them with a strong platform to drive sales, and accelerates their growth into new markets.

"Could not ask for a better partner when it comes to e-commerce web development"

Adam Callow, CEO, Expert Trades

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