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The Client

The Pub People are a well-established pub network located in Nottingham and the East Midlands area, well known for their unique and characterful pubs, as well as their strong commitment to supporting local brewers and suppliers. Over the years, The Pub People have built a reputation for exceptional customer experience and vibrant community presence.

Their existing website, used to recruit licensees who wish to run a pub and inform local beer enthusiasts, was developed well over a decade ago, and no longer reflected the direction and values of their brand.

The Vision

The vision for The Pub People’s new website was clear: to create a platform that not only provided an excellent user experience but also accurately represented the brand’s values and culture. The website needed to serve multiple user groups, including potential licensees, job seekers, and pub customers. A key focus was to build a site that would lay the foundation for long-term scalability to match business growth and adaptation over time.

To achieve this, we aimed to design a clean, innovative interface that offered a structured user journey and feature dedicated sections for different aspects of the business, including detailed information about running a Pub People pub, the support offered to licensees, and the application process.

Additionally, the site would showcase The Pub People’s rich culture and values through engaging content, team profiles, and visuals that add a personal touch, fostering a strong connection with their core audience.

The Result

The redesigned site offers a better user experience for The Pub People’s audience, highlighting important details for licensees and pub-goers, and showcasing venues in a more informative and engaging manner. The new design also amplifies the core community values which will help build credibility and trust with visitors, and foster a stronger connection with their key audience.

Our collaboration with The Pub People has resulted in a website that allows them to keep their content up to date with ease, and highlight their awards, accreditations, and their culture. The new website will continue to grow inline with their business, strengthening their brand’s foundation and providing opportunities for online (and offline) success for The Pub People. Cheers!


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