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The client

RSVIP is a network focused all around business relationships. They take a unique approach to business socials that enable business owners and executives to build relationships and generate sales in a relaxed and fun environment. To coincide with these business socials and relationship building opportunities RSVIP create, they also offer other services to compliment such as mentoring, coaching and consultancy services.

The previous website didn’t reflect the RSVIP brand visually, nor did it offer a slick enough user experience when it came to crucial functions such as registering for social events or using the member’s area. With that in mind, we attached the following goals to the project: redesigning the website to take the RSVIP brand visually to a better level which reflects the overall ethos of the brand and produce a better user journey which in turn boosts the overall interest in new memberships to the network.

The objective

RSVIP have various areas of their business they wanted to promote. Therefore the objective of this website was to not only provide a better overall brand experience but to provide more value to their ever-growing list of members.

To achieve this, not only did RSVIP receive a bespoke design, tailored to their need – we also worked on streamlining important actions for the business such as booking onto an event and how the member’s area would be used.

We ensured that booking onto events took no more than 2 clicks (if they were signed in), with the overall view that if we achieved this event attendance would be significantly increased. Following that, we’ve built a fully bespoke members area that members can log in to and interact with.


The key areas we picked to develop were: the ability to email members from the area, the ability to set up their own business profile, ability to send/upload press releases and the ability to easily sign up for/attend events. To sign up for the member’s area we built a simple form, once they have filled this out RSVIP get an email to approve their access.

Each business within the network and the member’s area have the option to create a ‘personal’ profile attached to their business profile. This is then available within a directory only accessible to members. Each profile within the directory has a photo, short description and a button the user can click to contact another user. A key value-added solution for RSVIP as this opens up the network to not only communicate at events, but also online.

Members also have the ability to upload and send press releases directly to RSVIP. RSVIP will get sent the press release for them to upload to the website. Previous to this, emails back and forth were dealt with for press releases, taking up operational time. This has now been streamlined allowing businesses to gain exposure and RSVIP to produce content for their website quickly. We then built a bespoke booking system. If the user is logged on, there is be a simple ‘hello [name], click here to book onto the event’ button which automatically collects their details and books one place for the event. Following this action, the user is confirmed and presented with an ‘add to calendar’ option. A simple process, but one that ensures that the process of booking an event is much easier for users as well as the process of building attendance for RSVIP.

The result

We’ve created a site that not only looks good but also performs excellently. We used the brief from RSVIP and built this site which perfectly reflects them as a business and what they stand for. We expect that this site will go on to be the foundation of their business, allowing each part of their offering to accessed in some way online as well as through their fantastic social events.

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