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The project

A unique collaboration of sport, arts and cultural activity supporting the development of essential life skills of young people. The vision of this project was to use the power of sport, arts and cultural activities to improve the essential life skills of young people in Derby. We believe that this will enable the city to overcome one of the most serious challenges of our time. We would hope to see a city where young people are thriving regardless of their circumstances. Frogspark led a series of workshops with a selection of inspirational young people in Derby which took them on a journey of planning, designing and building a commercial website.

The process

Working with the children, we went through the usual process of producing a website from planning sitemaps to designing the website all the way to building the foundations. Frogspark managing directors Rob & Liam designed 12 workshops which took the children through the process. These workshops focused on defining the key pages for the production of a sitemap, the front end design and what would be appropriate for the young people of Derby. This was all followed by the main workshops that were all focused on the coding of the website.

The design

The design of this WordPress website was led by the young children (and yes, it’s intentionally vibrant). We worked on a series of mood boards and design tasks with the children to come up with the perfect blueprint fit for a website targeted towards the youth of Derby. We are pleased with the end result, it is vibrant, appeals to the young people and is a little edgy to give it that point of difference.

The result

After our design and development efforts, we couldn’t be happier with the results. We created a site that not only looks great but reflects the overall mission of This is Derby. Across both desktop and mobile devices, the site is a perfect platform for the initiative to keep growing from strength to strength.

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"Thanks for all your hard work! Looking at the exhibition here of all the conversations and planning shows how inclusive and discursive the process was"

Adam Buss, CEO QUAD

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