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The client

Trades in Training is a platform developed by Monument Tools, who have supported Trainees and Apprentices within the Plumbing and Heating sector for years. Monument Tools are really passionate about tools that are designed with the end-user in mind; meaning they are time-saving, require as little effort as possible and are cost-effective. With this in mind, they have created Trades in training to provide students and apprentices with an easy way of buying all the tools they need in bulk at a discounted price; without having to compromise on quality.

The features

The features we developed for the site were truly geared around students and the process required to sell to them; firstly the custom verification process for students signing up, so that we could validate legitimate students. Students also have curated wishlists which are a list of products pre-built for them to order depending on their course (e.g. plumbers get plumbing products). They can then also share these products with friends and family who can then buy them for them as a gift. We also created custom pricing rules on the site. This means that regular customers can buy at retail price and students and colleges can log in and buy at a discounted rate.

To optimise the website from a conversion point of view, we made sure to include filtering of products for ease of use, strategically placed call to actions to add to cart and a streamlined checkout process to ensure converting was as easy as possible for users.

The result

The end result turned out just as we hoped! It was really important that the user journey was geared towards the target market, intuitive and maximised conversion throughout. Not only does the website reflect the business from an aesthetic point of view, but it is functional, converting website traffic to customers.

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