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The client

Visconn is an innovative and intuitive solution built by renowned IT firm in Derby, Xuper. It provides employees with the tools they need to communicate and collaborate from any device around the global – specifically built for business and the healthcare industries. Their goal is to ‘boost business agility’ by providing enhanced communication tools to enable users to find the right person and work wherever they are, businesses can improve decision making, customer interaction and overall efficiency.

The design

We spent time with Visconn to get a true understanding of their brand. The brand is all centred around business efficiency and innovation so we wanted the design to reflect that. We struck a great balance between showing innovation and showing professionalism with a clean look, combined with subtle movements throughout to engage the user and show innovation.

The structure

Visconn intend to penetrate two markets: business & healthcare. We chose to split the site into those two areas with slight modifications on the colour scheme to reflect each area. The content in each area is tailored specifically to that industry meaning that we’re able to resinate closely with individuals on a more personal level. Each area within the website discusses the features specific to that industry, showcases testimonials from users specific to that industry and informs the user of the benefits.

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