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The client

Set in 9 acres of woodlands and gardens built around a stunning 17th century manor house, with parts of the estate dating back to 1540, it’s only fitting that Weetwood Hall Estate in Leeds has a website that reflects their prestige.

The design

We wanted to accurately present the prestige and history of the hall, but still compete with modern standards in the hospitality space. We chose an elegant serif typeface paired with a rich, but simple colour palette of royal blue, dusty gold and a light forest green that reflected the surroundings.

Ultimately though, it was about structure and space – the design really needed to step back a bit and serve as a showcase for the photography to do most of the talking.
An additional simplified “I’m looking for” menu was added to help Weetwoods varied customers get to what they needed faster.

Throughout the design and development process we remained conscious of ensuring the booking tool (provided by Avvio) was sufficiently visible, along with being integrated with the site in such a way which made most sense for visitors (and potential customers).

The goals

Weetwood Hall got in touch with us to build them an entirely new website that better reflected who they are and what they do. They also required an ability to amend any parts of their site that need editing, whilst safe in the knowledge that Frogspark’s dev team were to help if anything went wrong!

The result

Nathan, James, Liam and Oakley got to work and created the visually stunning and seamlessly functional site to match the vision of the Weetwood team.

The site displays a large amount of information needed as well as takes bookings for various aspects of the business whilst retaining a sense of elegant luxury and delivering a seamless user experience. The large beautiful imagery was key to the Weetwood project and takes the visual aspect of the website to the next level, without affecting load time or functionality. 

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