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Zenith Cosmetic Clinic

SEO & Lead Generation Campaign

"For us to grow our business we needed to vastly increase the number of leads coming from our website, Frogspark have done this and it continues to grow month on month"

Malti Maini, Managing Director

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Zenith Cosmetics are a leading cosmetic clinic both offering surgical and non-surgical treatments across London and Nottingham. They offer a range of treatments such as Mole Removal, Rhinoplasty and Botox, as well as new innovative treatments like Cellfina and BodyTite. Zenith approached us looking to increase the traffic they were getting on the site, and more importantly, convert this traffic to potential customers. Our fully rounded team of digital marketers couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

The Challenge

Whilst Zenith had a fair amount of traffic coming onto the site due to their industry dominance, agencies they’d worked with in the past made no steps to convert this traffic to potential customers. Zenith found that although they were appearing in the SERPs, they weren’t actually getting significantly more enquiries. Before undertaking our digital marketing work, we wanted to spend time with Zenith to help them to understand we weren’t like other agencies; we’d put our efforts into generating traffic and more importantly converting this traffic to leads. We worked towards their goals.

Digital Marketing

To make sure we devised a fully comprehensive digital marketing strategy that was geared towards Zenith’s goals, we undertook an in depth analysis of Zenith’s website and google analytics so that we could understand why traffic wasn’t converting. From here, we put together a strategy geared around SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) which would work together to bring more traffic to the site, that converted for Zenith.


Increase In Conversions


Increase In Users


Increase In Sessions


Our initial efforts were focussed on conversion rate optimisation, so that we could show to Zenith that we could convert the traffic they currently had coming onto the site (and therefore do the same with additional traffic we planned to bring to it). We undertook an in depth conversion analysis across the site, using tools such as Google Analytics and HotJar to assist our findings. From here we were able to add more overt contact buttons so it was easier for users to book a consultation, and in the first month alone were able to increase enquiries by 90.91%. These quick win optimisations were only the starting point for Zenith, we have a fully fledged strategy to build on this going forward.


Our SEO efforts were initially focussed on content creation; this involved creating a priority keyword list which contained all the keywords relevant to their business, industry and the range of procedures they offer. From here, we looked to optimise the pages that were identified as a priority for both ourselves and our client, as optimising these pages for high search volume keywords would be a quick win optimisation to bring in additional traffic. This priority keyword list acts as the foundation for any content creation planned, in terms of optimising current pages, creating additional service pages or blog content.

Going forward, we put more time into link building, as high quality backlinks are an important ranking factor and traffic driving tool for any website. This is especially important for a high profile clinic such as Zenith who work with a range of well established industry manufactures and suppliers (and these act as a brilliant opportunity for us). In the first two months working with Zenith, users had increased by 60% (on the previous year).

Web Development

As a full service web development and digital marketing agency, we are able to offer bespoke web development changes in house as part of our digital marketing service. A large of part of our CRO service for Zenith Cosmetic was development changes to the website, so having a talented team of developers in house to do this helps to ensure an efficient and streamlined process here.

The Results

Our digital marketing campaign has been so successful that we managed to increase sessions on the site by 45%, and have increased conversions by over 100% compared to the previous year. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Zenith Cosmetic Clinics, therefore working towards their goals and the results they want is very rewarding.

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