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Full Digital Marketing Campaign

"Having never invested in digital marketing before this was a real risk for us. I'm pleased to report that not only is our entire online presence better, we're generating leads"

David Barber, Managing Director


David Barber Occupational Health came to us for a new website, and decided to continue working working with us through our digital marketing services once his website was launched.

The Challenge

Because it was a brand new site, there was no history or previous foundation for us to build digital marketing off from. Meaning we have built the campaign from the ground up, all the way from analysis and strategy through to set-up, implementation and monitoring. The market they were targeting was extremely niche and dominated by large name competitors, so it was always going to be an uphill battle.

The objective for this client was simply to improve the traffic on the new site and increase conversions. We made use of every part of SEO, including building a new local profile. We also utilized paid campaigns, conversion analysis and user journey optimisation. Each of these tasks have contributed to the success of the website.


Increase in Sessions


Increase on Organic Traffic


Increased on New Visitors

Every decision we made was backed up by the data we collected from site and our experiences in digital marketing. Between using Analytics and insights from organic traffic as well as from the paid campaign we set up, the site has seen a huge increase in conversions; both through the website’s contact form and over the phone.

Early on in the campaign we optimised the site for keywords we decided would be competitive and had a high search volume to help get the site indexed by search engines efficiently. We backed this up through a substantial local profile using Google My Business and popular online directories. We introduced structured data to the site to add additional content for search engines and further improve the chances of achieving rich snippets and better SERP results.

The whole site was subject to our in depth analysis to discover how users would interact with the site and how easy it was for them to convert, and contact David Barber. This was then used to improve the website through additional ideas and designs. The most significant we found, for example, was the need for a separate case study page.

The paid campaign has seen a growth of success since it was set up, with a current (September 2017) average click through rate of 4.7% from a total of 1237 impressions across all campaigns.

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