11 Web Design Memes – And What They Mean

Posted 03.02.2022

By Steven Titchener

man meme

Building backlinks to your website is an essential part of any SEO strategy, the only problem is that sometimes you can pick up links that aren’t exactly good for your website.

This SEO meme shows that Google doesn’t care about how links were obtained, but about the quality of those links. Having a great SEO team can help pick up these links before Google notices them so you can address where needed.


obama on phone meme


christmas card blank

Whether you are getting images, PDFs or a prototype website, generally speaking you don’t need to design every single page. After all, some pages like services will follow the same theme with just text replacement. 

So when we send over initial designs they might not have every page of your website, which means not every link is going to work. It’s a prototype, not the final website.


how to tell HTML5

This is a great summation of what it’s like to view a website with a text to speech reader (if you have a visual impairment). It’s also pretty much how Google views your website.

This is showing the importance of quality image naming and alt tags. You can see here that the tag is different from the image name – this is a bad setup for both people with a visual impairment and Google. The alt tag should explain what is in the image, and the image name should reflect that as well.


buzz and woody imagine

With mobile devices being one of the most used devices to browse the world wide web, you need to make sure that your website is fully responsive and works perfectly on all devices.

This is the dream for all designers, to have every website looking beautiful on any device they look at it on.


two guys laughing meme

Unfortunately we hear clients wanting high rankings immediately after launching a new website. This is never going to be the case, if anything, launching a new website can have a downturn in rankings until Google works out what’s what.

With SEO you need to be patient and keep working on your site to keep it’s rankings going up.


user interface like a joke

Creating a great user interface (the design of the website), you need it to be simple, elegant and beautiful. This meme perfectly sums up what a bad interface is like, if you need to explain to people how to use it, then it isn’t that good.

This doesn’t mean that having onboarding sequences for complex digital products is a bad thing, they can help make it clear. But if they can’t use it without that, it’s bad.


that would be great meme

Following the UI theme, this is something that bothers me on a personal level. Not having proper instructions from a UI can be infuriating and give a bad experience overall.

This meme explores whether the password or email is wrong, which is annoying, but there are plenty of other examples, for instance when you are filling in a form and some mandatory information is missing but it doesn’t tell you which.


what if i told you meme

One thing you hear all the time is bad experiences working with web agencies, we’ve heard it from clients coming to us from other places and from people we have spoken to throughout the years.

But it doesn’t have to be a hard time. The main reason for a bad experience is a lack of communication from both sides here. You need to make sure you have a great brief together and ask the right questions and give the right answers to your agency.


old lady meme

The penultimate meme we have is here to reiterate the virtues of patience when ranking in Google. This is one of the issues that comes up so often from our clients and clients coming to us from other agencies. They just want to be ranked as soon as possible, and we get it, you put a lot of time and effort into your new website with the idea that it could rank better than your previous.

But it takes time. And more effort.

the office meme

Finally, keeping in theme with more time and effort. Your website is never done.

After you launch, you need to keep updating content, reviewing the UI and UX of the website and making tweaks and changes to keep it performing highly. Never slow down and keep up then work.

Now you can laugh along with your web design teams, so what better time to get in touch and get the most fun web team in the UK.

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