12 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Help You Grow

Posted 14.06.2018

By Rob Twells

Digital Marketing industry has been growing rapidly making it more and more difficult to keep up with, even for the smartest Digital Marketers.

Thankfully, there are a number of clever clogs who have developed a range of digital marketing tools which help digital marketers to speed up their work processes and make everything more efficient.

Here are a list of 12 Digital Marketing Tools that will help you grow your revenues and drive more traffic to your site.


SimilarWeb is an intelligence tool which helps you analyse any website or mobile app through giving you the information about estimated traffic, the sources & countries of that traffic, and also the keywords that the website or app ranks for. Being able to check any site is also helpful when analysing your competitors business sites.


This tool will allow you to find profitable keywords and understand your competitors’ marketing activities. With SEMrush, you can compare your business website against your competitor site, and it will give you all the metrics you need, to be able to compete with other companies in your industry.

Remember though, the free version will only allow you to get a certain amount of data, so you will need to get the pro version for a more in depth analysis.


Wouldn’t it be great to know where your competitors get the traffic from, how many backlinks they have, or where do they rank for particular keywords? Ahrefs is an answer to all of that!

It’s a great tool, which holds backlinks analysis with a huge index which is updated every 15 mins. Also, it’s got many different settings for example, ‘Alerts’, which will give you an information every time a website ranks for some keyword.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog allows you to crawl websites’ URLs in order to analyse their SEO elements including links, script, CSS etc. You can install it on your computer for free, or purchase a license for more in-depth analyses and advanced settings.

Google Analytics

The first thing you should use once your website is live should be Google Analytics. It will help you to find out all the information on what’s going on on your site, meaning the amount of visitors it gets & how they found you, what specific pages they’ve seen, how long they’ve been on your site & at what point they left it, and much more.

The best part of it is that Google gives you all that info for free, so use it while you can!

Google Trends

This platform is using the information from Google search to show you all the latest trends, and data from Google but also what’s trending near you at the moment. It will tell you how often the specific term is used within the searches across the globe. It’s a perfect solution to get a content inspiration for your new business or a new campaign!

Answer the Public

This website will help you to find out what questions people ask on Google and YouTube. You can simply enter any keyword and you will see many ideas around this keyword. This tool is really useful when you want to create some good content for your site and make sure that people are interested in it, so you can increase the number of visitors to your site

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free Adwords tool that will allow you to search for specific keywords to get the idea of their search volume, their competitiveness, and the suggested bid for each of them. You can also choose the country and the language you want to target. Very simple to use but equally very handy.


Marketing Software which offers many different SEO tools for keyword research, link building & link analysis, web performance, and others. One of these tools is Open Site Explorer which gives you an access to backlink data for your site as well as your competitor sites.

Moz is offering 30-day free trial which means you are able to test it before making any further decision. This tool is known as very useful for both beginners and more advanced business owners.


This tool will help you with the Social Media side of your business, which means you will be able to write and schedule your social media posts in advance, no matter if it’s hours, days or weeks earlier. A big advantage of this tool is that it looks like you are active during the day, which is good for your audience. A big time saviour? Definitely!


It’s a tool for keyword research that gives you an access to see keywords’ volume, seasonality, CPC, competitiveness & number of results. The best thing about it? It’s totally FREE!


This is a great platform for analysing the most popular content on the internet. What’s more, it will help you find the right influencers for your industry who can help you promote your products. The way it works is scanning social media for articles and blogs, in order to give you an idea of how much engagement it receives from consumers.

There are so many more tools that can help you grow your business, but this is the list of tools that we believe it’s best to start with.

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