VIDEO – 4 Simple Ways To Build Backlinks

Posted 24.08.2017

By Rob Twells

VIDEO – 4 Simple Ways To Build Backlinks

Rob & Liam take you through a few quick tips you can utilise to build your backlink profile!


We’re back, I’ve had a bit of an accident, hit my head, so you know I was a bit of out of action…

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We’re back, I’ve had a bit of an accident, hit my head but I’ve recovered now and we are going to talk to you today about backlinks. So I’m sure you are aware of backlinks, links are one of the key things search engines look at now when generating a sort of profile about your website – how strong it is, and how well trusted it is. So we are going to talk you through 4 ways you can start generating backlinks very easily today. Correct.


So the first way you can start building backlinks today is to leverage any existing relationships you’ve got. You may be partnered with some different companies, so with us we are partnered with IT support companies, PR companies and each of those partners have a link back to us on their website. It may be that they have a service page that advertises your service, you become an extension of their business and therefore they can link back to you. Over to Liam to talk about guest-posting.


Yeah so, following on from that, a good way to get backlinks out there is writing content for people you know and people in your industry that you might not know. So the first place to start with that is to start to build relationships with as many people as you’ve got and leverage your existing ones. So get in touch with people within your industry who have got similar(-ish) kind of websites and similar bits of content that relate to what you offer, write some content for them and ask them if they want to put it on their site and then give you a link back to credit you for the content. Worth noting that you don’t want to be going out there and getting someone who isn’t related to your industry, so if we wanted to go out and write about basketball it’s not really relevant to what we offer so Google wouldn’t see the relationship there and might find it a bit odd, so you wouldn’t get the ‘link juice’ that you want from that. So that kind of wraps up point 2.

Yeah, and I’ll think you’ll probably find that if you do go out and write for different people, especially if it’s a relationship you have already got, more often than not they will accept the offer because their bolstering their site with content and you get the benefit of a link but you also get the benefit of showing your expertise and giving more value.

PR & Press Releases

So another great way to generate more backlinks is to leverage any PR you get. So if you are putting out press releases on a monthly basis or a weekly basis then if possible, try and get a link back to your site. Generally, sites that post press releases have high authority and have got a good trust with the search engines, so having a link back to your site will really bolster your profile with Google and other Search Engines.

(Side Note: Check out the press release we wrote about working with new client DIMEC:


Yep, and following on from that as well – find out what events are going on in your local area or surrounding areas, and get in touch with them about sponsoring because if you sponsor events they will obviously link back to you on their website and that is a useful way of getting backlinks.

Yep, and it builds your profile in the community. So there is 4 quite straight forward things that hopefully you can get started on putting into action today and we will be back soon. But if you have got any questions, feel free to head over to our site, I’ll put a link down here somewhere, or feel free to tweet us @frogsparkstudio.


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