4 Key Elements That’ll Help You Create Engaging Facebook Ads

Posted 22.06.2018

By Mutsa Munyawiri

If you’ve ran Facebook advertising campaigns before, or even thought about it, you’ve probably found yourself in one of two situations. First, “Easy peasy, I’ll draft a simple ad, target a relevant audience, and I’ll get new leads or site visitors.” Done.

Second, “All I need is a decent budget in order to target enough people, and someone will convert, right?” Well, in a perfect world, both of these would be ideal. But in reality, It’s just not that simple.

Facebook can be a challenging space to see returns on advertisements. Not only are you competing against every other business for a user’s attention, but you’re also battling with the regular content people use the website for. Why will someone engage with your ad, when they have the option to look at their friends’ long-awaited holiday snaps? Or that hilarious video of that silly dog?

To combat these stumbling blocks, your Facebook ad creative should be an absolute priority. If it’s not, and you try to take the generic and simple route, your chances of getting significant and quality engagement on your Facebook advertisements are slim to none.

A successful Facebook ad campaign relies heavily on the advertisements themselves being engaging, and targeted to specific people. Add in the right creative direction, and your Facebook ads can drive great, cost-effective results.

There are 4 key elements to consider that we believe will help you create engaging Facebook ads that convert.


Identifying your key objectives is essential in guiding the overall direction of your ads. Having a clear idea of what your objectives are will allow you to focus on the message of your advertisement, what you want it to achieve, and how you can create ads that meet these objectives.


Who you’re trying to target matters, and that ties in to what you’re offering them. Establishing exactly who you’re targeting will help you better conceptualise and bring to life your ad creative, which will lead to you using the correct narrative within the ad copy to attract winning clicks and engagement.


Social media is built for quick and easy-to-consume content. People want to see something interesting, and they don’t want it to take too long. For some businesses, it might seem too difficult to downsize your sales message. However, it’s time and effort well-invested. Consider how much you can save by not creating ads that get no return.

Having short copy and clear calls-to-action will also help when it comes to getting your ad approved. Plus, it’s more likely to influence action in your audience.


Pointing out your unique selling points will allow you to not only sell features, but also benefits. A clear and concise value proposition will allow your ads to educate audiences about the brand, instil trust, and increase the potential for high engagement/ conversions.

Visual representations of your businesses USPs can be shown in many different ways. It’s likely that the product or service you offer solves a particular problem. Make sure to use high-resolution images that show people reaping the rewards that come with being a customer of your business.

Also, use clear call-outs that explain the benefits of using your service, in the form of symbols, or sharp and snappy captions that help get the message across in an effective way.

With the right mix of targeting, and the above elements, Facebook ads can work wonders for your business.

Hopefully these tips help get you on the right path to engaging ads.

Facebook also have a range of guides on setting up campaigns and creating engaging ads, you can read them here. But if you’re still not seeing results, why not talk to us?

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