5 tips to get your PPC ads started

Posted 30.09.2022

By Bethany

Know your audience

You wouldn’t market your beef burger business to a vegan audience (we hope), and the same applies with your paid ads. To make your ads work and to make your audience engage with them, you’ll need to take into account your buyer personas and personalise their experience accordingly. It might sound basic but if your audience research isn’t done right you won’t be able to target your audience properly!

Don’t neglect keyword research

Choosing the right keywords will make sure your ad displays in front of the audience you want it to be seen by. Keywords can either be short-tail, long-tail or negative and once you’ve selected your keywords queries can be targeted based on a broad match, a phrase match or an exact match.

Strong keyword research and subsequent keywords will lead you towards users that are likely to engage with your ads and therefore become customers.

Make sure your copy is 👌🏻

It’s often overlooked but your copy is so important and research has shown that by changing one single word in your copy you can increase the CTR by 161%! There’s a few angles you can go from when crafting your copy such as, showcasing your products problem solving, using emotional triggers, showing the benefits of your product and adding a deadline to your copy to create a sense of urgency.

Make sure you’re running remarketing campaigns

Only 2% of visitors to your website will convert to a sale. So it’s a key tool in your kit to be able to bring them back to your website. Remarketed ads are targeted at those that have come to your website before but didn’t purchase, and by displaying your ad multiple times it raises awareness and gives you the chance to offer new promotions and discounts, making them more likely to become a customer!

Work with experts 🤝

If all this sounds a little bit confusing, and you’d like to get the best from your budget, it’s time to call in the experts. Working with an agency will mean you get experts dedicated to your campaigns and getting the best results, it also gives you more time to focus on other things, win win!

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