How Much Do You Know About AI in Marketing?

Posted 13.11.2020

By Annabel Thomas

Many people associate the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) with super-futuristic robots from sci-fi films, but AI is already integrated into our daily lives in ways we aren’t always aware of! So how is AI used in our everyday lives? From ordering your favorite meal on deliveroo and checking the estimated delivery time to logging onto Netflix and browsing your recommendations, and even opening your phone with face recognition – all these processes are carried out using AI. This tech innovation can be found in a lot of places, affecting the way we live, work, and shop.

AI isn’t set to go away anytime soon and learning to adapt your business to incorporate this technology is vital! One of the biggest uses of artificial intelligence is within marketing and sales, and harnessing this can really take your business to the next level. With all the current AI platforms and systems available, we are all able to use trends, data and machine learning to predict the actions of consumers. 55% of marketers are currently implementing some form of AI into their digital marketing campaigns.

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

So, what are the benefits of AI in Marketing?

AI can be used as a great tool in marketing campaigns to increase ROI, help you track trends and predict consumer behaviour. By harnessing the technology of AI into marketing campaigns, you can expect to improve the customer experience and journey. The insights you can achieve through big data analytics and AI can help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience. With this greater insight, it is easier to create engaging, relevant and effective customer touch points. Whether through your website structure, email marketing campaigns or paid advertising, AI gives you solid data to frame your decisions. AI can also eliminate the human error of your work, giving you more streamlined results. While it all sounds perfect, AI can’t generate that human touch – empathy, storytelling and emotions aren’t something it can provide. So whilst AI has many benefits the human factor is also an integral part of marketing and it is best to use an integrated approach.

How can you incorporate AI into your Marketing strategy?

Finding trends

Data collection, AI and insights into the behaviours of consumers can give businesses a huge amount of leverage when it comes to their competition. Finding trends is something AI is amazing at and even further than that it can start to predict trends. You can start to understand how, why, when and where users consume your products.

Platforms such as Facebook give businesses a huge amount of data on their consumers, enabling you to curate the perfect audience. Google allows you to predict how well your keywords will perform in ads through it’s projections tool, again using AI to consolidate data and map out future trends.


How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

An online presence through social media sites and websites puts you in front of a huge audience and for big companies especially that can cause an influx of messages, queries and complaints. Chatbots are a game changer for customer experience. They create automatic responses to your customers using AI to replicate a natural response, saving the staffing resources of it being done manually. Businesses can create automatic answers to their frequently asked questions, helping users find products, prices and locations easily. Chatbots are a great way to integrate AI into your marketing plan.


Consumers are expecting more and more personalisation in their interaction with businesses. They expect you to know their tastes and trends and provide them with the content to match. Spotify is a great example of how AI can be used to create ultra-personalised content for users. It uses AI to create playlists based on your previous listening patterns and can identify your music preferences. 74% of marketers said they experience higher levels of customer engagement when using personalisation – this can be as simple as adding a first name tag to the subject line of an email or a personalised message.

Content generation

Content creation has become a vital part of the success of marketing campaigns. Some would argue in today’s world it is the most important type of marketing. But creating relevant, new and timely content to engage your customers can be time consuming and hard to achieve. The rise in demand for quality content pieces is huge and there is a high demand for AI to be used to create these pieces. AI can be used to generate topic ideas, assist in content creation and make content more engaging. Tools such as answer the public can help generate blog ideas and Google can provide keyword trends and search demand for certain topics.

AI can be used to help take your marketing campaigns to the next level and bring a higher ROI. If you would like any advice on all things marketing then get in touch with us today!


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