April Roundup At Frogspark

Posted 06.05.2020

By Luke Pickering

April has been one of the most challenging months in Frogspark history, but the team here at Frogspark are working as hard as they can to provide our customers with the services they need. With many exciting projects ongoing in both our digital marketing and web design worlds. So while we’ve all been working from home what have we been up to?

Website design

The biggest challenge we have faced over the last few weeks has been balancing the workload with the resource that we have; this has been helped by our very supportive client base. Over the past 4 weeks, we have worked on 20 + projects with very limited resources; this required some incredible dedication and hard work from all of the team here at Frogspark.

Last week we saw sign off on 4 new designs, which will now be scheduled for development. Along with this, we have been working on some new projects that are close to completing in the coming weeks and we look forward to sharing them all with you very soon.

Digital marketing

For one of our e-commerce clients, we thought that running a Facebook campaign targeting their potential customers with an idea to use their product as a project to keep them busy in isolation would be a good way to use this situation to their advantage. We’re so glad we did! This month, we have seen a 200% increase in traffic to their website, including a 45% increase in conversions.

How are the staff?

One of the biggest challenges that we have all faced in the last few weeks has been adapting to working from home. This brings about many challenges and affects people in different ways; It’s been hard not going to work and seeing your colleagues each day, which in itself allows for a more creative and focused environment, however, daily video calls have certainly helped to keep the team focused and on track with the current workload…


“As a business owner, March and the early parts of April were certainly the toughest I’ve faced. The uncertainty and feeling of threat to our health and business were very scary. The latter parts of March, as the state of the economy and what was to come became clearer, we were able to lay solid plans of how we were going to continue to operate. Many late nights, early mornings, twists and turns – we made a plan.. And we’ve stuck to it.

The plan has come to fruition – we’ve remained a team unit, we’ve all rolled our sleeves up and we’ve managed to remain profitable and cashflow-positive. This is a credit to our fantastic team, who have had to work under strange circumstances and also our loyal client-base who have stuck by us and shown great confidence.”


“At the time of writing this, we are around 6 weeks into lockdown and what a rollercoaster it’s been so far. On the business side, lots of uncertainty at the beginning followed by lots of planning and quickly adapting as things have been changing on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. So far things are panning out ok and we’ve even had a few small wins in terms of new business.

Working from home has been a challenge, I’ve missed the day-day interactions with the team, clients and even the commute to the office. The positives I’ve found working from home is there seems to be a bit more time in the day to get things done and more time to spend with family (which is good when my 9-month-old isn’t screaming the house down). I do much prefer to be in the office with the team getting things done, so here’s to hoping that becomes a reality soon!”


“Personally, I have been working at home alongside my partner and our two young children. Anyone who has been experiencing a similar situation for the past few weeks will certainly know just how much of a challenge it has been; From playing part-time employee and part-time school teacher, to finding new and inventive ways to keep healthy and challenged.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will start to see some level of normality restored and we can get the targets for the year back on track. I have no doubt that this situation has impacted people in different ways, but I would like to thank all of our clients, friends and most of all, our team, for all of the hard work and support so far. Look forward to seeing you all very soon.”


“I can’t say I’d like to work from home permanently, but it definitely comes with its perks – getting to stay a little longer in bed, wearing comfy clothes and being with the dog all day! I do miss chatting to everyone in the office (maybe I’m actually getting more work done at home?!), but I’ll be glad to get back! I’m really proud of the team, and how well we’re all doing.”


“Working from home is interesting. There are benefits, for sure, but I do miss being in the office and working a lot more intimately with the team. I think we’ve all done a really great job of adapting to the situation and ensuring our clients are looked after.”


“It’s definitely got it’s ups and downs working from home. While it’s nice to have our daily calls and keep in touch with everyone it’s not the same as the atmosphere when we’re all in the office. However, it is a bonus having that extra bit of time in bed in a morning. I’ll be happy when we can all get back in the office and have a bit of normality.”

Wherever you maybe we hope you’re well and managing during these times. If you’re looking for some help with your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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