The Cost Of A Website In 2020

Posted 29.05.2020

By Luke Pickering

With it becoming more and more important to have a website in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, how much will a good website cost? Well starting off with a very simple site you could expect to be paying somewhere around £75 annually but the bigger and more complex you get you could be looking at paying upwards of £10,000. So what are the key differences between the price points and what should you choose? We’ll use this blog post to give you a full overview and why in most cases cheapest isn’t always best.

Do it yourself?

With more and more websites becoming readily available that allow you to simply and easily build a website yourself is there any reason in paying out to get an agency to create one for you? Websites like Wix and Squarespace are there to help you build a basic entry level website and for how little it’ll cost you and if you’re a brand new start up there is absolutely no harm in creating your own website. But as your business grows so should your website.

The differences between cheap and expensive?

Obviously there are going to be some key differences when it comes to creating a website and what you get for how much you pay. For example a much larger website is going to cost you more but there are also more in depth things that are going to cost you more but in the long run could be worth it depending on your site:


A quick and easy way to cut the cost of your site is the amount of designing that the agency has to do. If you’re wanting a fully bespoke and custom site then it is obviously going to cost more than a website that you have created that uses a pre-built template. A template is a brilliant way to get more out of your website at a cheaper cost however there are quite a few drawbacks to using them. For example you don’t own the code and it isn’t very customisable, you will have to use what you’re given and make the most out of it. However, for a simple information based site this could be all you need. As your business grows and your website gets more complex, going fully bespoke is much better. To start with, you’re not going to come across another business that has the same style and template as you, but the main deal breaker is that it’s completely built from scratch so it’s 100% customisable and can look exactly as you want it but it is also much easier to support, we’ll go into more detail on it later…


If you’re wanting to rank at the top of the search engine then a little SEO can go a long way. A professional agency will be able to help optimise your site as you go, for your efforts to be as successful as possible you should be building your site with SEO in mind and not just thinking about it at the last minute. SEO is something that takes a period of time and you have to stay on top of it, it isn’t just something you can do annually and forget about it should be weekly or monthly and you should always be keeping track of your rankings. But obviously these hours are going to accumulate and cost you more money so while it is something that is important it is something you can do as much or as little as you’d like, but your business is going to perform better the more you put in.


Everyone has issues with their site every now and again. Whatever it may be, it is going to cost you more money to fix the longer it takes. When it comes to fixing a site it is so much easier for a developer to fix if he can understand the code and knows what’s going on. While yes the dev can understand the template code a bespoke website that his team has built will be much easier to read and understand. So paying out that bit more in a bespoke site is going to make your site much easier to fix and cheaper to maintain in the long run.


With users coming from every browser and device it is so important that your website is supported on all of these platforms. The issue here is not all templates are supported on all platforms so while you may have found a very appealing template it might not actually work on all browsers, this means you could be pushing away potential customers just because you didn’t go bespoke. Whereas when you have a fully custom site the developers will test your website on numerous devices and all browsers and will be able to see if there are any compatibility issues anywhere. Not only does this stop your site pushing some people away it also is going to help your SEO issues especially with Google’s shift to mobile first indexing.

Overall you’re going to get more out of a website the more you put in but for a good website you should be looking at paying somewhere between about £2.000 and £5,000. If you’d like some help with your website design then don’t hesitate to get in touch our team of expert developers are on hand ready to get started on your project.

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