Does Your Business Have Personality?

Posted 27.06.2017

By Lucy Bradley

In such a competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out from the crowd, and if your business doesn’t have the right personality to do this, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Simply providing a service, or selling a product alone isn’t enough, customers now expect a more personal touch. Your business personality can be key in securing a sale, whether it be down to your business ethics, the way your team acts in the office or what you put out on social media.

How Do We Define Personality?

Typically, when it comes to personality, we tend to think about specific qualities and characteristics that lend themselves to an individual. However, when it comes to a business there is more to think about – whether it be your tone, brand image, your values and ethics or your social media activity. Your personality throughout these aspects should be consistent and in line with your target market and communicated effectively. Long gone are the days where businesses must act in a mundane and completely formal manner – so we should embrace it to engage more effectively with our target audience.

Engaging with Customers and Identifying with Customer Needs

Having a greater sense of individuality and personality can make a business appear more approachable and, in a sense, more human. Using a specific tone can really help with this, especially when it comes to engaging with customers. Creating conversation has become increasingly important when it comes to social media, as it all relates to brand awareness, which we are always looking to increase. Creating conversation is the perfect way to show off the personality of a business (here at Frogspark we love a good GIF), whilst also offering a bit of personal engagement. Interaction can also help a business to easier identify customer needs – and meeting these naturally leads to more happy customers!

Business Ethics

With the socially conscious consumer on the rise, it has become increasingly important for businesses to act ethically, and the way in which you communicate this is key. Corporate Social Responsibility, where a business looks at acting ethically and sustainably, was previously key for brand differentiation. Now, however, it is something more commonly expected from customers. Values and ethics make up part of part of a business’s ‘personality’, and can add to the idea of a feel-good brand – an idea which can be associated with a business’s personality.

Tone of Voice

In all your business communications, whether it be in your emails or social media – you will have a tone of voice, which reflects on your business personality, therefore the perception of the business. This comes down to the message you’re putting out and the tone in which you communicate this in – both of these are they key tools involved in influencing potential customers to engage with you. The tone of voice can be crucial to adding an emotional aspect to any of your communications, which are naturally more engaging, rather than pure fact and logic alone.

Your Brand

A key aspect when it comes to communicating a business’s personality across to their customer base is through branding; it can offer an insight into the business, as well as a more personal aspect, in turn making it more likely for customers to engage and communicate with you. After all, a potential customer is more likely to engage with your organisation if your brand values and personality reflect their own. Ensuring you have a brand personality can really aid you in effectively targeting and engaging with the correct market segment, which again offers that personal aspect to customers, which is becoming increasingly important. Ultimately, brand and personality go hand in hand, and can really help give your business an edge to stand out from the competition.

How Do You Communicate This?

As seen above, there are numerous ways a brand can communicate this to their target market whether it be through your brand, social media, the tone of voice or your website. A business’s website can really capture their personality, through its design and content, which is why at Frogspark, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke websites, tailored to your customer to ensure the best user experience, and drive more conversions.


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