Our 10 Tips On Improving Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted 02.07.2021

By Annabel Thomas

Email marketing is one the biggest marketing channels for pushing out content, offers and products to customers. A huge 99% of consumers check their email account every day! Email marketing is a great tool to communicate with your customers and it can be used in so many ways, from announcing a company update to engaging lapsed customers through abandon cart campaigns. In this article, we are going to talk you through how to improve your email marketing campaigns with easy and practical tips. Why not take a look at our beginners guide to email marketing to get started with your campaigns.

1. Personalisation

Personalisation is key when it comes to email marketing. Customers receive 100s of emails every week from the brands they love, so you need to make sure you are standing out from the crowd. To be authentic, add as much personalisation as possible to your campaigns, this could take the form of a first name merge field in your emails. 

2. A/B testing

A/B testing is the holy grail of refining your email marketing campaigns. By testing out different formulas you can find out what works best for your business and industry. From testing out different subject lines to email segments, you will soon be able to gain a great understanding of what your audience responds the best to. 

3. Subject Lines

It can be argued that subject lines are the most important thing when it comes to email marketing. They determine whether or not your audience will even open the email. So how do you create a great one? Keep it short, punchy and to the point with an element of intrigue. Take a look at some good examples: 

  • Happy Birthday Mary – Surprise Inside!
  • Uh-oh, your subscription is expiring
  • New must-haves for your home

4. Content

Keep your email content fresh and exciting. Add value to your customer’s day by sharing useful content that you know they will love. Link to your multi-channel marketing content such as blog posts, video content, podcasts, guides and social media posts to keep things engaging. 

5. Mobile Optimised

This is one of the most important email marketing tips! Users often view emails and social media posts on their mobiles, so if your emails aren’t optimised for mobile then you will lose a lot of potential interest. Keep your emails mobile-friendly with interactive, catchy and informative content and imagery that is the right size for mobile users and can be viewed easily on phones.

6. Segmentation

Each customer is at a different point in their customer journey with your brand, and this means they have different requirements. By segmenting out your customer data you are able to accurately target different needs. For example, you can offer a first-time order discount code to new customers, or sending a loyalty scheme sign up to existing customers. 

7. Day/Time of send

Finding the best day and time to send out your emails requires a bit of work. You will need to gather a large amount of data on what day and time perform best for your customers. For example, you may notice Friday evenings don’t do well compared to Monday morning emails. Begin to gather data on open rate, click-through rate and conversions before making informed decisions on the right time to schedule your emails. 

8. Email Metrics

If you don’t track your email data after sending out emails, then there is no way to keep improving your email performance. The essentials to track are open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes and conversion rate. These figures will help guide your campagins, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers respond well to. 

9. Visuals

Keep your emails engaging by breaking up text heavy sections with exciting visuals. You can even embed videos into your emails to keep them engaging. Get creative with it and find high-quality images and content to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

10. Frequency

It is important to think about how often you want to send emails out to customers. You may wish to send a bi-weekly newsletter or perhaps weekly works best for you. Monitor how frequency impacts open rates and email performance to find the best option for your business. 


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