Fitness Marketing: How To Beat The Competition

Posted 28.05.2021

By Annabel Thomas

Whether you are a small gym chain, a sports and fitness supplement business or a personal trainer, having impactful fitness marketing campaigns is crucial to your success. Word of mouth doesn’t make the cut when it comes to the competitive world of fitness marketing. In the UK, there are over 7000 health clubs with over 10 million members and this number is only expected to increase as lockdown eases. Across the whole of Europe, only Germany has more health club members than the UK, this makes us one of the most competitive fitness markets in the continent! 

So, how can you build successful fitness marketing campaigns to capture your audience? As experts in fitness marketing, we have put together our top tips. Read on to find out…

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1. Website

To showcase your fitness business and what you do best, you need a user-friendly website. From easy book systems, members areas to ecommerce sites – there is so much you need to consider. Contact forms need to be simple, imagery sleek and the site easy to navigate. Adding reviews from platforms such as Trustpilot is crucial in the fitness industry as consumers are big on trust, as are search engines. 

At Frogspark, we are passionate about creating excellent websites for our clients and as experts in fitness marketing we will make sure your site is of the highest quality. Get in touch with us if you want a new fitness website.

2. Local SEO

When it comes to fitness marketing, local SEO is a surefire way to gain great traffic to your website. If you run a gym or fitness centre it is even more important! Local SEO can make all the difference as you can rank for search terms such as ‘gym near me’, ‘fitness club near me’, ‘gyms in [city name]’. These keywords are very competitive, so, alongside keyword optimisation you will need to work on your broader local SEO strategy. Creating a Google Business profile is a must and will help your business gain visibility locally. 

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3. Paid Advertising

There are so many great tactics when it comes to fitness marketing and paid ads are no exception! Instagram and Facebook offer in-depth targeting options, making it easy for you to show your ads to the right people. For example, you could create a campaign aimed at yoga lovers in Nottingham aged between 18-35. This in-depth level of targeting means you can carefully craft content, imagery and ad copy to your audience resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

With fitness marketing, your ads can be really creative. Think before & after photos, video content, how-to guides and reviews. Promoting offers and discounts is really important and certain times of the year such as January are big in the fitness industry. So whether you are selling protein shakes or yearly gym memberships, paid advertising is a great way to reach the right audience.

4. Influencer Marketing

When it comes to fitness marketing strategies, influencer marketing is a huge channel. Fitness influencers create content that is more than #fitspo and they often offer great advice and tips to their audiences. Using fitness influencers is a great way to target engaged consumers that you know are interested in the fitness world. New brands and products hit the fitness market every single day and having a respected name in the industry shout about your business is a huge win! 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to work with an influencer with millions of followers. Targeting ‘micro-influencers’ who have 1000-10,000 followers is actually a better way to gain trust from consumers. Take a look at our guide on creating a transparent influencer marketing strategy

5. Content

As keywords are highly competitive in the fitness industry, creating content that targets searches such as ‘how to do a plank’ is unlikely to bring you great results. Instead, it is worth targeting local searches such as ‘outdoor fitness classes in Derby’, ‘cheap gym equipment in Nottingham’, ‘best running routes in the midlands’. Creating relevant and informative content around local fitness search terms will bring you relevant traffic.

Video content is also a great tool when it comes to fitness marketing. Create buzzy videos of your gym or of consumers using your product. Instagram and TikTok are great platforms to share video content; from live to reels and IGTV, there are so many options. Video can be used right from tutorials to live workouts. 

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How we can help…

At Frogspark we are fitness marketing experts who pride ourselves on delivering fitness professionals everything they need to achieve great results. From personal trainers to gyms, physios to bloggers and meal prep businesses – we’ve worked in the fitness industry for almost 10 years and have completed countless projects for our clients. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation!

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