Make The Most Out of Instagram Carousels

Posted 20.05.2021

By Annabel Thomas

Instagram Carousels are one of the most engaging tools in social media at the moment! With the right creatives, you can increase engagement, drive up followers and even see a spike in sales. Typically, Instagram Carousel posts receive 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than other types of posts on Instagram! 

With so many posting options, Instagram marketing can seem overwhelming at times. From IGTV to stories, polls, reels and posts there is a whole range of ways to make Instagram work for your business. Take a look through our guide on making the most out of Instagram carousels…

What is an Instagram Carousel?

Instagram carousels allow you to add up to 10 photos and videos into one single post. Users can view the content by swiping left on the post, which creates a high level of engagement. Most carousel posts have between 2-4 slides and only 6% have the maximum number of 10. 

Typically, Instagram carousel posts are creative, aesthetically pleasing and highly interactive. There are three ways you can use the format on Instagram: for posts, stories or for Instagram carousel ads. 

Instagram carousels allow you to get highly creative and build a fun, playful feel into your content; with close ups, step-by-step instructions, shots from different angles, before and afters – there is so much you can do!

How do I use Instagram Carousels?

We’ve broken down some of the best ways you can use Instagram Carousels to increase engagement and drive up brand awareness…

1. Create Intrigue

Build suspense by creating a post that encourages your users to swipe across to see your content. Take a look at the example below from the WWF for some great inspiration…


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A post shared by WWF International (@wwf)

2. Before & Afters

There is always something satisfying about a transformation! Before and afters are a great way to showcase real-life examples of what your product or service can do. An added bonus is that before and afters always spark intrigue, so you can be sure users will swipe left! 

3. Promote A New Product

The bonus of Instagram carousels is that you can easily promote a new product in different sizes, colours or styles. Sharing several pictures, text graphics or videos with your audience makes a great way to launch a new product or product range.


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A post shared by Chilly’s Bottles (@chillysbottles)

4. The Devil Is In The Details

Instagram carousels are a great way to showcase the finer details of your products as you can follow-up images with close ups of your products. Fashion brands often use this technique to hone in on the details of an outfit or accessories.

5. Shout About Your Reviews

Great customer reviews can do wonders for your business! Instagram carousels are a fantastic way to share positive reviews about your company, they will generate trust in your brand, build interest and also increase your visibility. 

6. Post Your User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the most trusted forms of content you can share, similar to reviews, it helps build a strong reputation for your brand. You can increase brand awareness, build loyalty and build a sense of community on your account. Use Instagram Carousels to share multiple images or videos from your users.


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A post shared by PANGAIA (@thepangaia)

7. Share Your Outtakes

Sharing your outtakes is a fun and playful way to build engagement! Alongside your winning shot, share a couple of funny outtakes, this helps your brand seem more personable and joins in on the popular “instagram vs reality” or “how it started” trends.

8. Drive Engagement

Instagram carousels are more interactive than normal posts due to their nature, but don’t let it stop there! Keep your followers engaged by asking them to vote in the comments whether pic 1, 2 or 2 was their favourite. Adding a call to action to your post will help create interest with your followers and allows you to be interactive in the comments section and reply to them!

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