How Can Interactive Content Boost Your Traffic?

Posted 14.01.2020

By Luke Pickering

People are on the internet 24/7. With 5.6 billion searches being performed each day, people want to find the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible. This has led to fewer people reading long whitepapers or ebooks, and instead are gravitating towards more engaging and more personal content. Interactive content allows the consumer to engage instead of just passively observing. By creating an experience for the consumer it makes your webpage much more memorable for them and also increases your chances of getting return visitors. So what are interactive tools?

Interactive content is essentially anything that requires the viewer to take action. This helps to solve certain problems digital marketers face. Firstly, the digital world is more active than ever before and the users’ attention span is low. This has meant marketers have had to find new ways to find grab and hold people’s attention, and interactive content helps to do exactly that.

It’s now more difficult than ever to stand out on the internet. But by using interactive content on your website, it helps to make the users experience that bit more memorable.

It’s harder to attain people’s contact information with an opt-in form. However, interactive content makes the experience more personal to the user and plays with people’s curiosity – likely leading to more people signing up in order to get their personalised results.

But what interactive content is there besides video?


Short and easy to take. Quizzes challenge, engage and entertain people. At the end of your quiz, you’re usually given some sort of results based on your replies, also given with the option of sharing this with your friends on social media. If you make it so that they have to enter their email to get the results it becomes a brilliant way to grow your email list and gain new leads. These can be brilliant for your business by getting them to answer some questions. For example, a marketing company could create a small quiz called “How good is your marketing strategy?”. In creating a quiz on something like that you can show the customer the things they’re missing out on in their marketing strategy and these personalised results can then help to turn them into a potential client. Go and test your marketing knowledge with our quiz.


These are great for building anticipation around an event, whether it be a product release or a sale they get people excited for it. This works brilliantly with things like Black Friday and Christmas. When you think about it you probably grew up with a very famous countdown, an advent calendar. Every day you would open a window, get another chocolate or toy and it’d be one less day till Christmas, building your excitement levels a little more each day.   It’s the incentives behind each door that makes you come back every day. You offer something like this to your customers not only are they going to be more likely to buy your product(s) but also be return visitors to your page/shop. You can also change it to maybe every hour on a day such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday; it’s all about getting people’s attention and keeping it. By offering incentives such as deals and discounts you’re definitely going to succeed at getting their attention


The simplest way to find out what people want. Polls are so easy to answer, especially on social media like Twitter where sometimes posts will only get maybe one like or one retweet but they can pull in a much larger amount of votes in a poll as it’s quick, easy and private. This is a brilliant way to be able to custom tailor things to your customers liking. As well as this it is brilliant to understand trends and what people are and aren’t feeling, a brilliant example of this that got a lot of publicity was the Walkers ‘Choose Me Or Lose Me’. The whole idea was to match 3 Walkers original flavours vs 3 new flavours from around the world. Then they got people to vote in polls online on which flavours they wanted to keep permanently, this whole thing blew up and people were all over it. With over 750,000 people voting in this poll it greatly helped increase their sales and they also got key data on what the consumer wanted.

Interactive infographic

Data isn’t exactly the most fun thing to sit and look at so where there’s a possibility of making it that bit more appealing, it can go a long way. One of the best ways of doing this is through the use of infographics, breaking the information down so you can see it in an appealing way and how it looks in proportion. By making these infographics interactive you’re onto a winner, one step ahead of the game. Most businesses will be putting in your normal pie chart or statistics, you make yours interactive and it’s more likely to grab the attention and make your website look that bit cleaner and better thought out. However, when putting in an infographic you’ve got to make sure that it is right for your business.


They work by clients inputting information and receiving some sort of calculation at the end. Now more than ever there are more types of calculator online than just your normal and scientific. With the calculators being able to now calculate things for you such as Loans (How long it’ll take for you to pay it off and how much it’ll cost you), BMI (Body Mass Index) and Currency (Automatically working out how much you’ll get in return for your money). These are great ways to bring people in by having a feature like this on your website. It creates a reason for them to become return visitors. For example, we’ve just launched our online SEO ROI calculator, a simple three-step form that allows you to visibly see how much extra revenue your website could be generating you with a small boost in traffic.

See how ASOS do it…

How many times have you been online shopping, thinking I wonder what this would look like on my body? ASOS has answered your prayers with the launch of their great new interactive feature on its website this year. You can now see how a certain item of clothing looks on models of different sizes, heights and body sizes. Not only is this an amazing tool for usability, but it’s been purposefully designed to convert more website users to paying customers.
So why not create an online tool then? They’re useful, serve as a great way to drive traffic to your site and are a great way of getting people’s contact information. The trick is creating a tool that is going to be of real benefit to your clientele and will interest them. With 4-5x more page views than static content and a 2x higher conversion rate, it seems like a no brainer. Read about more digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020

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