Robs July Update: We’re Full of Positivity

Posted 16.07.2020

By Rob Twells

Things are extremely positive at Frogspark at this moment of writing, and I’m extremely proud of the entire team. We’re up to around 90% of, let’s call them ‘pre-COVID’ clients that are back up to full speed. On top of this, we’ve added over 20 new customers since lockdown. We did utilise the furlough scheme when it was announced, but I am pleased to say we have a full team back working.

The office is back open-ish

The majority of the last few weeks has been spent making the office safe for all staff to return, should they want to. Admittedly, Liam has done the leg work here! Everything is safe, secure and ready for our team to begin transitioning back to the office. Currently, we’ve opened the office to the team as an option, with around 50% of the team opting to come in, and 50% opting to continue working from home. We felt it was important to let the team have the choice throughout a transitional period, to give them the chance to adjust.

New customers

Since lockdown began, we’ve partnered with 20 new customers, alongside the healthy list of customers we had prior to lockdown. These customers span from local authorities to household names to creative partnerships with the likes of YMCA, all the way to the most wonderful local and regional businesses around the country. This is fantastic to see, and I’m hoping a sign of how things may continue. We are of course, not naive to the fact that the remainder of this year could be tough for all businesses. That being said, we believe we have a solid business model which has shown great resilience and as a team, we’re feeling positive.

Lift off

Over the previous month, we’ve launched a number of projects, I shall list a few below:

This is just the last 3 weeks alone, alongside this we’ve been working on 8 sets of marketing campaigns, one of which our customer was featured in Vogue (credit Lucy, you star!)

The industry

Whilst it almost feels like we’re in a bubble at the moment, with a view to potentially difficult times. I am hearing positive stories from other agency friends of mine. The appetite to step up marketing within companies seems to be growing rather than shrinking at the moment. It’s genuinely brilliant to see, and I wish all local and national agencies all the best during any difficult times. Please feel free to message or email me for a sounding board or a ‘Zoom’ coffee if you fancy!

Overall, it’s been an extraordinary 3-4 months for all types of reasons. There have been lows, but that has been very much outweighed by the positives and togetherness of the team.

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