The Latest in Digital Marketing: Meta Descriptions, Lighthouse, HTTPS, Digital Body Language

Posted 29.05.2018

By Lucy Bradley

FINALLY we’re over the hump, GDPR has arrived.

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It’s been an interesting week in the world of Digital Marketing, here’s the latest news.

Google confirms it has shortened meta descriptions after expanding them last December

After Google announced less than 6 months ago that they were increasing the character lengths of meta descriptions to 300… they’ve now reduced them back down. Studies have confirmed that the average mean length of meta descriptions today is 160 characters. This means that there are a lot of frustrated agencies out there that now have to undo the work they’ve carried out. Not only this, but Google also say that these meta descriptions are also dynamic, this means that sometimes Google will pull content from the page, rather than choosing to display what has been written as a meta description.

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Google makes big changes to Lighthouse in version 3.0

Lighthouse is a powerful tool made for web developers that helps them to better understand webpages’ performance. With this new update, Google has granted us the power to see a new interface, with additional tips to help improve performance as well as some new audits. Lighthouse 3.0 is also starting to branch into SEO readiness, meaning we can start to understand what search engines are looking at in more detail when it comes to technical foundations of a website.

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Google’s Chrome browser to drop secure label for all HTTPS sites

Google has announced that it will be making changes to Google Chrome by removing the label which says secure. They will begin rolling this out in September 2018, and will also be marking HTTP sites (websites which aren’t secure) as “Not secure”. Later on in the year, there will also be the addition of a red warning light.

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Digital body language, what is it?

Can you tell whether your website users are engaged? Frustrated? Bored? Your customers’ emotions and mindsets are valuable information for personalising service. In brick-and-mortar stores, these observations can be made and acted on almost instantly. This is not something you take advantage of when analysing online behaviour. Using tools such as hotjar, Google Analytics, Optimisely and more can help you have a better understanding of how people are interacting with your brand, product or service offering online.

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