VIDEO – Make The Most Of Your Mobile Website

Posted 05.07.2017

By Rob Twells

VIDEO – Make The Most Of Your Mobile Website

Rob & Liam take you through a few quick tips you can utilise to ensure you're making the most of your mobile website!

Video Transcript

I’m Rob and I’m Liam, and we’re from Frogspark. We are back again, and we are going to tell you today how to make the most of your website on mobile devices. Correct.

So, we’re not going to bore you to death with “your website needs to be mobile ready” because everybody knows that. And everybody should (not everybody) have a mobile ready website. And everybody should. If you don’t… you need one.

Call to actions

So one of the first points we are going to discuss is having consistent call to actions, on your mobile site to drive enquiries and also utilising the tap to call feature. So it’s important to have those fixed get in touch with us or those fixed buttons leading to those key pages on the site. And it’s just as important to make sure that you have a contact button or any number on your site where people can just tap to call and get in touch with you straight away, instead of copying a number, pasting it somewhere else and then calling you. It reduces a lot of hassle and will increase conversions.

People are impatient so even something to just highlight a number, copying and pasting that it’s just not ideal. So just click it to call it, pick up the phone and get questions answered. Jobs a good’un. That’s point one. Straightforward.

Screen size

Point number 2 is making the most of the screen you’ve got available to you. So obviously laptops, desktop machines you’ve got such big ass screen available to you so you can afford to hold all of the content on there and still get the core message across. Whereas on a mobile device, you only have so much room to play with. Strip out anything that’s unnecessary, get rid of any bells and whistles that are unnecessary or going to make the website slow. Just get to the message, get to the message quick, combine that with what Liam said about the call to action and you are onto a winner.

So in a nutshell, look at your website, think about what’s important, think about what people are going to want to view and make sure that is visible on mobile. Anything else get rid of it. So that could be a sidebar, not necessary, get rid of it or hide it. Not about scrolling, well people like to scroll, but not so much. So yeah, have a think about it. Let’s roll on to the next point.

Site speed

So next tip is the speed of the mobile website and usability. So people on mobiles, they want things to load quickly, and the best way to do that is to compress your images. If things are taking too long to load on your website, run your images through something called or something similar. It’s super easy to use, just drop your images in and it will compress them quite well and you can re-upload them to your site and that’s a nice quick win for you. In terms of usability on the site, make sure that, obviously like point one, all of the call to actions are there readily available and you’ve got a fixed navigation on there. So that when you’re scrolling, the navigation is always there and people can access the menu from the top right at all times. Make sure it’s nice and easy for the user and it makes it easy for people to find out what they are looking for and generally make the mobile website better.

Any longer than 3 seconds [load time] and your customer is a goner. Yes, make sure those images are compressed.

And that’s it, I hope you’ve found it useful. The reason we are so passionate about the subject is because nearly 60% of all searches now are coming from a mobile device. So we just really hope that you, all our clients and the people we are networking with has a site that’s ready for mobile and it’s user-friendly. If you do have any more questions, feel free to pop over to our site (or just contact us here), our twitter is @FrogsparkStudio so if you want to engage with us on Twitter, please feel free to do so and we will see you again soon. See you later.

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