Making The Most Out Of Your Following

Posted 05.05.2020

By Luke Pickering

Currently, it can be quite difficult for many businesses to reach new audiences. As many businesses have cut their marketing budgets in these difficult times and consumers are changing their consumer behaviours, it’s more important than it’s ever been before to make sure that you are relying on your existing audiences. It is also so important that as a business you are offering the best service possible to your customers so that you can rely on their return customers.

Take a read through our list of different ways you can best capitalize on your previous following:

Expand your service offering

Obviously this isn’t applicable for all businesses, but if it does work for your business it is going to have a great impact for you. If you’re able to deliver your product virtually by bringing your service to an online format it is going to help keep your business more relevant to your audience, and it’ll allow you to keep reaching your customers. There are a number of platforms and tools that you are able to use to effectively deliver your training, events, consultancy, advice and more:


We’ve recently seen the insane growth of the cloud-based software Zoom. It allows you to live broadcast or pre-record an event. It’s brilliant for a business of any size as it is easy to use, and allows as many people as you want. But most importantly it allows for some brilliantly interactive sessions, where you can talk with your audience.

Facebook and Instagram Live

Both of these platforms have such an easy method of live streaming and you’ll be able to connect with your existing audience. On Facebook, you’re able to save your broadcast to your page or group after you have streamed, which is creating content in the moment but also in the future; providing you with content you can use going forward over and over again. Itis the perfect way to provide your customers with value.


While you may not have a following already on Youtube, it’s definitely a good place to grow your business. If a service you offer is relevant and is going to be of use to a great number of people you are going to be able to pull in some large numbers on Youtube. Whether you put out how-to guides for your business or your live streaming it’s all about offering value.

Check-in with emails

During this time where everyone is at home, it is so important that you’re checking in with your customers. Utilise your database. Send out a mixture of content including keeping them up-to-date with your business and how you’re operating whilst also offering them discounts. Create some interaction between you and your customers with maybe a newsletter of some kind keep them in the know.

Offer an incentive

Everyone loves discounts and offers. So if you’re providing your customers with some kind of incentive it’s going to create buzz and hopefully reach new customers. Another great idea is running a giveaway, these are brilliant ways to get people to share your posts on a number of different platforms and will help you to grow your business.

Creating engaging content

It’s so important that the content you’re putting out is engaging and providing your customers with some value. Fun and exciting content always works when it comes to pleasing your audience and keeping them engaged with your brand. In order to maintain your awareness, it’s important that the content you’re posting is relevant to the current climate. It’s key that you’re considering people’s feeling, goals and challenges that your audience may be feeling at this current moment in time. Not only is putting out content but also interacting with your customers and audience on the content your putting out is just as equally important.

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