Meet the team: Our story at Frogspark!

Posted 07.12.2020

By Lucy Bradley

At Frogspark we are a multi-award winning creative and innovative team of talented web designers and digital marketers. We love what we do and produce outstanding results for our clients. Our Derby based team are passionate about all things digital and believe the power of the internet will connect you to your audience in the best possible way. We have helped hundreds of businesses take their online branding to the next level. With 8 years of consecutive growth, 500+ websites designed and 30+ team members hired we think we’ve done okay! Frogspark was started 8 years ago by friends Rob and Liam, and we sat down with Rob to discuss how Frogspark came to be…

Can you explain the story of how you created Frogspark?

Rob: Big one! It was born out of us hating our ‘placement jobs’ whilst studying software at university. We felt restricted and that everything lacked creativity. We then went on a mission (outside of our 9-5’s of course) to set up a brand and a name for ourselves. We managed to secure a few contracts via social media at first to build up a portfolio and it grew from there. We went full time in Frogspark straight from University – just the two of us. We focused on raising our profile regionally, which resulted in further enquiries, further sales and further team members. It’s really been a scaling up job since then!

What is the project you are most proud of so far?

Rob: Hmmm – honestly it’s probably the site and ecommerce store we did for Freedom Brewery. Whilst we’ve done lots of high value contracts for large customers – there’s something about the Freedom Brewery site I love. Easy to use, screams personality and we had full creative freedom. 

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Rob: The vast majority of my job is ensuring Frogspark is heading in the right direction. That means, looking at how we’re servicing customers, how the team are feeling, how we can bolster our service offering, how we are performing financially and how we can improve. Alongside this, I look after a lot of the sales – so I’m usually writing a proposal or speaking to a potential customer. In a Pre-COVID world, that meant lots of time on the road pitching new work and ideas. Currently it just means lots of Zoom calls from my kitchen table!

Finally, when you are not working what does your ideal weekend look like (pre-lockdown!) ?

Rob: Three things I love in life – my dog, the gym and beer (family and the wife of course too!) but my weekends are usually a mish mash of all of those things. So an ideal weekend (pretending that we’re allowed to do everything, ahem Boris) would look like this… I’d start the day by going to the gym, always feel good after that. I’d then take the dog on a long walk with the wife and finish up at a pub which serves the best craft beer the UK has to offer. Then in the evening me and the wife would head out for dinner and a few drinks. Or alternatively, we’d just sit on the sofa with a bottle of red watching a film. 

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