Get To Know Our Second New Developer!

Posted 10.05.2019

By Lucy Bradley

More exciting news for team Frogspark this week, we’ve welcomed our third new team member into our offices at Darley Abbey Mills! Chris is the second person to join our web development team in the past month. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve doubled this team so that we can take on even more exciting web projects. Get to know him a little better!

Meet Chris!

Chris first started writing code at the age of 12! He was originally only interested in software development and to begin with web development never really interested him (who would have thought Frogspark was where he’d end up?). He used to play a lot of Minecraft, and this is what inspired him to make his own Minecraft mod – hence where his love for coding began! His love doesn’t stop at coding however, he loves a bit of salsa and ballroom dance!

He then went to college to study software development and ended up doing a unit on web development which is where his interest for web development came from. He then managed to land himself an Apprenticeship within web development as an Apprentice Web Developer which is where his career began, he then quickly progressed onto becoming a Junior Web Developer and then a Front End Web Developer.

What Stood Out To Chris About Frogspark?

We asked Chris what made Frogspark stand out from the crowd, and what attracted him to the role. He said “Frogspark stood out to me because they are an award winning company. The work that they were producing looked nice and looked challenging. I wanted to do something new and wanted harder and more challenging designs, which is what Frogspark are doing.”.

5 Quick-fire Questions

1) If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and what would you call it?

A dragon called Scales.

2) Pick 3 words to describe yourself

Selfless, funny, punctual.

3) Your go-to takeaway?


4) What’s your favourite series to watch?

Probably some form of YouTube Let’s Play.

5) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People that cut in front of you and then walk really slow.

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